I first met Christina a while ago when she wrote me an email. At the time, I had just started to gain success in recording EVP. One night, I decided to record an EVP allowing any of Prince’s spirit contacts to come through with messages they wished to have delivered. It takes time to review and transcribe EVP, so I don’t always get to them right away. A few days later, I heard from Christina for the very first time, and a week later, I found myself reviewing a message for Christina, from Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees! He said in the recording that Christina would be writing to me soon. 

Through email, I got to know Christina and her story of discovery about twin souls. She had never shared anything publicly, until she recently decided to open up about her experiences and create a blog. So I invited to Christina to write a guest post to talk about her experiences with her twin soul, Robin Gibb. 

Hello! I’m Christina Samuels. First, I would like to thank you Andrea, so much, for allowing me to be your guest. I truly support you and Prince with gratitude. 

I would like to share with your readers some information about my twin soul connection with Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees. Twin souls manifest their connection in different ways. By sharing what I have experienced, I hope to contribute to a broader understanding of how twin souls connect when one is embodied in the physical and one is in spirit. 

Beginning in April, 2012, I began to go through a series of transformations all connected to Robin’s passing. Robin passed away on May 20, 2012, but about one month before that I had a spiritual awakening concerning who he is to me. At first, I thought he was a member of my soul family and it is true that he is that for me. However, over the years, due to the nature of our communications and strength of connection, I came to know that he is my twin soul. 

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To give you a little history, I knew about the Bee Gees and liked their music when I was a child in the 1970’s, but I had never followed Robin or the Bee Gees. I had never been to a concert and was not paying any attention them for years. He was completely off my radar and I knew absolutely nothing about the Bee Gees as people. 

In April, 2012, I found out that Robin had pneumonia and had been diagnosed with cancer. I was saddened by this and did not want to read any more about it. Around this time, I discovered a documentary about the Bee Gees called, In Our Own Time. As I watched it, I saw old clips of the Bee Gees singing from the 1970’s. As I heard them singing Nights on Broadway, something in me woke up when I heard Robin singing. I said to myself, “That’s the voice I’ve always loved. I didn’t know it was Robin’s voice.” Since I did not know anything about the Bee Gees, I did not know which brother was singing what. 

After that, I started catching up on years of Bee Gees music and interviews. I bought a book about them to learn more. I felt so connected to Robin that while he was in the hospital, I prayed and chanted for him and sent him light to either help him get better or to pass over into spirit peacefully, whatever was for his highest good. I had never done anything like this before, for someone in the public eye I had never met. But with Robin, it felt like a timer went off and I was compelled to do these things for him even if it made no logical sense. 

On May 20, 2012, I actually wrote a letter to Robin in my journal, praying that he would be well. It turned out that was the last day of his life in the physical world. I cried and mourned at the time, even though that did not make much sense either logically. But this connection is a matter of the heart and soul, not the human mind. The soul knows things the mind does not. 

His funeral was June 8, 2012 in Oxfordshire, England. At this point, I was feeling a very strong connection with Robin that did not abate after his passing. It got stronger. It may seem strange, but I would sit up in bed at night and speak with his soul, saying to him that I felt he was a member of my soul family. I felt it so strongly in my soul. I did not know if he could hear me. All I know is I was compelled to reach 

out to him. At this time, I had never heard of twin souls and did not know what they were, so soul family, from the spirit world, is what he felt like to me. 

How I first recognized Robin’s presence in my life, after my initial heart feelings and intuition towards him, was through synchronicity. What I would consider to be one of my strongest synchronicities occurred on June 28, 2012, the day of the unveiling of the Bomber Command Memorial in London, England. Robin was deeply involved in this. You can read about the synchronicity here. 

After the synchronicity, the dreams began. This is one of the most beautiful ways Robin has communicated with me and how I truly confirmed it was him. In the first powerful dream about him, he sent me a burst of his soul energy that knocked me awake. You can read about the full experience here . 

During the summer of 2012, Maurice, Robin’s twin brother, also paid me a visit in my dreams. It was in response to a request for a sign I asked for. It was an incredible experience to be visited by Maurice who seemed to be serving as an emissary for Robin. After this, I knew for 100% certain that I was connecting to the true Robin Gibb. Maurice helped confirm and cement this for me. I will always love Maurice for this and be grateful for his intervention. You can read about my dream of Maurice here. 

The dreams and synchronicity were amazing and there are many others I experienced, too numerous to describe. Things continued on like this with Robin for the rest of the summer and fall. By December, 2012, I had learned about twin souls through my research on soul families. I decided to ask God directly if Robin and I were twin souls. I received the sign I asked for and was told that at the level of light emanating from us, we had nearly identical hues. I got a sign a year after that or so that our colors are purple. For now, you can read about how I received this information about our light, which is our souls. Scroll down to “Direct Guidance”, click here. 

December 2012 was still very early on in our connection. Over the years, Robin has done many other things to confirm our twin soul bond and communicate with me. In 2013, he began using his skills with telekinesis and turned the picture I had of him upside down on his altar, click here . 

That same year, he made an infinity symbol out of dental floss and left it on my teapot handle. Infinity symbols are a common twin soul sign. Here are some pictures of Robin’s handiwork, click here. 

One last thing I would like to share is the multitude of life parallels I share with Robin. It took years to learn about all of them. For example, his mother’s birthday is the same day as my younger brother’s birthday. My grandmother’s funeral date is the same day as his passing date. I had the area code of 303 for 11 years, which matches his numerology numbers, 30/3. For more information about our twin soul parallels, click here. 

I hope you enjoyed this sampling of information about my twin soul connection with Robin Gibb. On a daily basis, I am connected with Robin through the events of my daily life. It has been 6 years now and I continue to experience telekinesis, dreams and synchronicity with him. It is a beautiful gift from God to share this with him. For me, it is about awakening to a higher level of love that exists in other dimensions. It is also about making it clear that life does continue on after physical death, with great love, clarity and creativity. 

Robin showed me that you can find loved ones you never met after you die and become reconnected with them. Twin souls are real. We can and do find each other after the physical death of one. In fact, the physical passing opens the doorway to meet again. In a way, it felt automatic to be reconnected with Robin. Too many of us think of physical death as the end with such finality. I have been taught that death is not the end. Robin has moved on to another plane. Even though that is the case, he is still very active and involved with me and I’m sure many other loved ones on Earth’s physical plane. I will always love Robin eternally as my twin soul and most precious member of my soul family in Spirit. Thank you for reading! 

 Image above: “Flowers” by Prince in spirit. 

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