I am happy to share a new collaboration with you, between Cormael and myself, and others. She asked me to write my story of how I met Prince, my twin soul. Cornmeal is creating a library of real life accounts of the twin flame phenomenon. I just completed my account of experiences, and you can read it here.

I did my best to make the story as concise as possible. There were so many events that occurred. Had I gone into more detail, it would have turned into an entire book.

In this document, I summarized the course of events that made it quite evident to me, that Prince is my twin flame. There really is no denying it, no matter how many people want to put me down for it. (Even though some days I wake up thinking that maybe I’ve gone crazy, Prince will do something to remind me that I’m not. For instance, the other day, I was watching the Somewhere Here on Earth video, because I wanted to get a screenshot of the girl in the video. I paused the video on my iPad, so the sound stopped. But here image was still moving! The girl’s hair was blowing in the wind, her hair was still moving! It looked like one of those GIF cinegraphic images that move around in a loop. I kick myself for not getting a video of it happening. But Prince always catches me off guard when he does this kind of thing. And then he laughs at me, because I am moaning about why didn’t I get it on tape?)

Anyways, back to the document, in here I outline the meaning of the Love Symbol that Prince is well known for. It ties in with the twin flame narrative. I take you through a brief history of it, and what it all really means. I explain the significant of the interview he did on Oprah, and for your reference, you can hear the clip of it here. Also, you can here the reading from Starla mentioned in the story, below.

Prince on The Oprah Show – November 21, 1996

Starla Reading – May 15, 2016

PDF: Love Symbol: How I Met My Twin Soul, Prince, by Andrea Mai

Image above: “The One” by Prince in spirit.

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