Today I am just f feeling super grateful and blessed. Though Spring so far has been cold, I found these blossoms in Kensington Market the other day. The colour is just so pretty. My thought for today is about Self-Love. Love yourself so that other can love you too. This is important. We talk about self-care a lot and refer to the Oprah’s analogy like if you were on an airplane and the oxygen mask fall out, you need to put on your mark first before you help others. But Self-Love, what is it? It’s a feeling of love and respect towards yourself, accepting yourself for who you are, with its gifts and flaws. Defending yourself when others try to  bring you down. It’s necessary to speak out. If you fear that others will reprimand you for it, there is something missing. You are still looking for the approval of others to be ok with yourself. It is completely possible to speak out and still be nice. You don’t have to be rude or angry if others offend you. Your outer world is a reflection of your reality from within. Your love for yourself will reflect outwardly. The funny part is that by loving yourself, others will love you too and that in turn is what keeps our planet from utter chaos. Because if you love yourself, you will be sharing your gifts with the world, without fear and complete confidence that what you have to offer is outmost value. Because at the end of it all, we are a collective. We are all the same on the most basic level.