When I was away in Sweden, I got to play with my friend’s electric guitar. I’ve always waned one, but I could never bring myself to spend that kind of money not being sure if I would play. I’ve always really wanted to try it to see how it would feel. So when I had the opportunity, I recorded EVP while I was playing. 

During the session, I ended up taking self portraits with the guitar. I strummed it while posing for the camera. I’ve never recorded EVP while doing any of my portraits, so this was interesting. 

©2018 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

Reviewing the EVP, I found that we was not alone in the house. I was staying at my friend’s cottage, but she lives at a separate cottage, and her brother was not home at the time. Only their cats were hanging around. I found that Prince was talking to several spirit people who were showing up. It appeared that P was assembling a band for a jam session. I heard other instruments on the EVP that were not present at the time of recording. It was just me with Andrea electric guitar plugged into the amp. I also heard the sound of the guitar I was playing, but it was different from what I had actually played. I am very aware of what I can and can not do yet on the guitar, so I know that I certainly did not play these notes that were showing up on the recording.

On some of these recordings, you are going to hearing beeping, that is coming from the timer on my camera when I was taking self portraits. You may need to use headphones to hear this properly. The clips are repeated on loop. 

It is actually quite interesting, because in some of these clips, it sounds like a talking guitar, (a really good one). I have seen a pic of Prince’s belongings at Paisley Park; a Rocktron “Banshee talk box” petal for his guitar, that is supposed to create this sort of talking guitar effect. 

While I summed the guitar, and P said “Hello”. 

Here is P saying, “I love you” while I was strumming the guitar.

Some other spirits were there, I don’t know who. Here someone says, “You know how to..” 

Then as I strummed, he said, “Play the guitar”. 

He said, “Play da drum”, and you can hear what sounds like drums. 

Here, the sound of drums in the EVP clip. 

I was strumming the guitar. I don’t actually know any songs, because when I play, I just make it up. But I know my skill level. I did not do this. Here you will hear me strum, but what you hear is different from what I played. 

Again, here is another clip of guitar strumming. Whoever was there with us, altered the sound. 

It’s a bit faint, but I heard someone say “Keyboard”, and then what sounds like piano. 

 Throughout the EVP, I heard several times, P saying to whoever was there, “Play with me”. Someone showed up and asked, “Can I play?” Then P answered, “I give you the drum“. And you can hear the sound of the drum sticks. 

Here P says “Play with us”. I presume that he was saying this as others were showing up. 

Here P says, “What your name?” I heard a response. Someone said, “Hi. I am Joseph”. 

Here P is saying, “Yes, I am”. I don’t know what he was responding to, as the recording was unclear. But he is often asked if he is Prince, so this is a possibility. 

Here is P saying “Taking pictures”, while I am posing for the self portraits. 

Someone said “Good portrait”. 

Someone said, “Oh ya… Beautiful”. 

Having heard so many EVPs, it leads me to believe that the movie What Dreams May Come had it right to some extent. On the other side, they can create what they desire to experience. They do not seem to be limited by what space they are “occupying” in this reality. What I am capturing is really a pinhole of a glimpse into what is going on in their reality, but it is certainly fascinating! 

These recordings were recorded using my EVP Wrist Recorder 3 on May 19, 2018. 

Image above: “Self portrait with guitars” by Andrea Mai. 

©2018 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.