Cornelia is the twin flame counterpart of Michael Hutchence, lead singer of the band INXS. (I know she hates the term twin flame, she prefers “cosmic counterpart”, but we must use it for search engine visibility) I remember the music of INXS from my high school years. And I remember when they announced the death of Michael in 1997. Ten years later, Cornelia would meet Michael in spirit at the foot of her bed, and take on the name Cormael. And now, it is ten years since their first meeting.

I have talked to Cormael on many occasions. She is one of the few that offers genuine information on the twin flame phenomenon, because she has truly experienced it. You see, many people overlook the true indicators of what a twin soul connection is.

Firstly, twin souls really do look similar to each other. I don’t mean this lightly. I’ve explored many cases of real twin souls, and I have seen it over and over again. They look alike. Secondly, twin souls experience many psychic events connected to each other. There is an unmistakable bond, a telepathic connection that is provable. This cannot be overlooked, but many do. Lastly, twin souls experience parallel lives. They have this twin matrix thing going on. The amount of similarities between them are countless.

There are so many people claiming to be twin flames, teaching on the subject, selling books or services. And the material they are teaching from is baseless. They have no real research, no science behind what they are talking about. They claim to be channeling, but they prove nothing about what they say. This is why Cormael and I are sharing genuine stories of twin flames. Real life cases that are well documented, with evidence. In some cases, we can only reveal so much about these twin couples, for obvious reasons of privacy. But trust me. we verify everything, as we are discerning. You see, no one demands proof from these twin flame experts. But if your twin flame is a celebrity, you have to prove your claim to the fullest extent for anyone to take you seriously. And if it’s real, the proof is out there.

Here, you can read Cormael’s story, you will see just how crazy alike they look, and the kinds of psychic phenomena that twins experience together. We are talking about serious stuff here!

Update: I regret to inform you that Cormael has passed away in October of 2018. May God be with her.

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Image above: “You are my twin” by Prince in spirit.

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