Now that the weather’s cooled down and there is less to do in the garden, I’ve brought my focus back to doing EVP using the EVPMaker software. From my experience, EVP as a phenomenon is occurring all the time, but it often only captured by chance. To do it intentionally, with good audio clarity is a different story, It’s not really anything I can control, because it is them on the other side causing it. The best that I can contribute is to continue to do the recordings so that they can test and practice the methodology (of whatever it is they are doing). In a way, it’s kind of like when you are riffing away on the piano or guitar, and you suddenly get something you like, but because you were less intentional, playing around, experimenting, you don’t necessarily know what exactly it is that you did. So you have to go back and re-engineer the result, and then practice it til you’ve figured out how to play it. That is what we are trying to do right now. Figure out how P can speak on EVP intentionally with clarity and volume. Through out the recordings, I can hear them talking to each other in whisper volume. I think they’re working out technical issues.

We did some test recording sessions, and here’s what we got. Sometimes when we’re testing, I’ll ask him to say his full name, or my name.

“I’m here”.

” I am Prince Rogers Nelson”. I find this clip rather funny, because there is nothing in the sound source that is this low pitched. The sound source contains only samples of his own voice. So I wonder if he was manipulating it to sound lower like this. You can also hear his higher pitched voice speaking simultaneously.

“Prince Rogers Nelson”.

“Doing EVP”.



“Prince Nelson”. 

These recordings were recorded using  my EVP Wrist Recorder 3 in September 2021.

Image above: “Prince” by Prince in spirit.

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