A friend recommended a TED Talk to me, and I think explains in a way what is going on physiologically when I am communicating with Prince in spirit. Jill Bolte Taylor is a brain scientist that discovers what happens when one part of the brain becomes dysfunctional during a stroke. What she discovers is that the right hemisphere of the brain is the side that is connected to Nirvana. She explains that the left side of the brain is mostly having to do with logic, practicality, and it is how the brain directs the body to move. While the right side is linked to what one might call the “other side”, because in this state, she felt universal consciousness, bliss, and enlightenment. But without the function of the left side of the brain, she could not speak or read numbers, even though she was functional in her ability to think what she waned to say. It was a frustrating experience for Jill when she tried to call her office to tell them she had to go to the hospital in an emergency.

I think this is how spirits most feel when they try to communicate with us, a sense of frustration that they cannot speak in such direct ways. They do not understand words or language in the way that we do. I discovered this to be the case when I first started communicating with Prince and we tried typing with my eyes closed. Though he was moving my hand to press the keys on my iPad, they did not form any words. However, it was possible for him to move my hand and draw a message. Sometimes I would draw words. But I always heard the word first even though I was freely allowing the energy to move me. This is why it was impossible for me to use a Ouija board with Prince, he was always telling me the words we were going to spell out. My  theory is that when I am drawing with Prince, what I have done is temporaily suspended my left brain to allow my hand to follow the will of Prince.

In the case of telepathic communication with Prince, I found that his messages came in thought forms to me that are not fully realized. I believe the messages come through the right brain and get processed on the left brain, into words so that I can understand them. The processes is similar to translating a foreign language into your primary language in your mind. There is a slight delay caused by the translation process.

Prince often communicates in feelings and images. It is easier for him to express himself in this way, but it can still be a case of lost in translation on my end. So I often ask for confirmation if what I am interpreting is correct.  I also think this is where inaccuracies from psychic readings can occur. If there is a lack of understanding from the psychic in regards to symbols, meanings, vocabulary, or a concept, it can easily be misunderstood.

I believe that what is happening is that I am switching back and forth between the two hemispheres of the brain. I can easily go into trance-like surrendering state, but I can just as easily snap out of it as I so choose. This has been a recent phenomenon I discovered when I started communicating from Prince. I never experienced this prior to seeing Prince in spirit.

For many people, meditation is a hard thing to do because they cannot shut off the left brain from thinking about their daily routine or what needs to be done by next week. However when one manages to do so, they slip into their right brain and they do find themselves in a state of bliss, timelessness, and oneness.

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