As a photographer, the one thing I am most bummed about is that I will never get to photograph Prince in person. I would find myself saying to Prince in spirit, “I want to take your picture”. He kinda laughs at me for this. Little did I know, he would find some way to it happen.

I recently bought a project to work on some experiments for my art projects. One day I was watching Prince’s music video for Te Amo Corazon. In the last scene of the video, he is interacting with a moving image projected on a wall. And then the idea came for the images I’m about to show you.


But of course, Prince being Prince, he always finds a way to make his mark to show me he’s there with me. I’m shooting hands-free with a remote control and burst mode. In the middle of shooting, the camera suddenly picked up light that was not visible to me. What appears in the following set of images has no logical explanation. It was not the camera malfunctioning. The camera settings were the same as all the other photos I took. I can only conclude that it was Prince showing his light to me on camera. He’s gotten quite good at manipulating energy and electronics.

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 4.20.16 PM
This is what the images above were intended to look like. Notice his image on from the projector was totally faded out, but my shadow is still visible This could only be possible if there was a light source cancelling out the projector. But this was not the case, as there was no malfunction occurring with the projector or the lighting. The photo was taken in a dark room with now lights except for the projector.

The funniest part in all this is that a psychic medium told me I’d be working with Prince on a photography project not knowing that I was asking about Prince. Who would have thought? It’s also nice to note that these photos were taken on the night of a new moon.

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