I don’t like the word celebrity. It makes me think of nasty tabloids and people who are starved for fame. There is no status when it comes to the other side. Being famous is not important. But here on Earth, people want it for its power.

Ever since the twin flame craze swept the Internet, everyone who is having relationship issues are speculating on who their twin flame is. I do not believe that everyone has a twin flame. You cannot search for your twin flame and find them. This is why I  get irritated by forum messages that say things like, “I think this celebrity is my twin flame!” I also find it annoying when people speculate on real life celebrity couples as being twin flames.

Do celebrity twin flames couples exist? Yes. They sure do. I know about a dozen of them. But is the fact that you feel a connection with a celebrity that you watch on tv, a cause to believe that this person is your twin soul? Absolutely not! Emotions and imagination are deceiving.

To be totally honest, I did not want to write about my twin flame experiences with Prince. I feel that it is a very private matter. However, I saw how his legacy is being abused to make money instead of looking at the messages in his music (and he had a lot to say). Prince was also becoming an integral part of my work and mission, to not identify him in my writing just did not make any sense. So I decided to be open about it.

I want to stress that I did not search for my twin flame. Frankly, I was beginning to question its very existence when I read about people’s so-called twin flame experiences. Prince showed up and I was like, “What are you doing here? Why aren’t you haunting Paisley Park, or someone you knew in real life? So you want to be like friends, or something?” I will tell you how I met Prince in spirit another time.

My advice to anyone searching or speculating is to stop. STOP. You are focusing on the wrong thing. If you do actually have a twin, he or she cannot come to you just because you want them to, it’s not something you can will into manifesting. Everything has its own timing and all is revealed to you in the right moment orchestrated by the God.

It has come to my attention that people out there are making claims about being the twin flames of such and such celebrity. They show no such evidence, and are only making claims. There are fake claims, when I happen to know the real one. Some people are exhibiting stalker or mentally ill behaviour. There are celebrity twin flame groups on Facebook and other parts of the Internet. These groups only encourage inappropriate behaviours and perpetuates the madness.

Image above: “The sea” by Prince in spirit.

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