Since writing this blog, I have met people experiencing the same “twin flame phenomenon”, a meeting with their soul half on the other side of the veil. I know there must be many more, but I understand that it’s a difficult subject to talk about openly. It’s so taboo, after all. And all the twisted twin flame information on the internet doesn’t help. Most of the people who contact me, prefer to remain private about their experiences. One of the reasons I decided to be  forthcoming about Prince being my twin flame, is provide genuine information, and to make the subject more widely known, so that people experiencing this will know that it’s real, that they are not going crazy.

So far, I’ve discovered so many common threads that repeat itself in the stories I’ve heard. I’ve found that every twin flame set has pretty much the same message about who they are and what they are here for. It is as though it is innate, like it’s in their DNA. In a way, I think they all know what they’re all about, but they need the information of others’ experiences to confirm what they already know. And this is why it’s so important to make information available.

I recently met a contact named, Monique. We’ve since shared conversations that confirmed the many common traits that twin flames share; the parallel life experiences, the similarities in personality, mannerisms, and the kinds of things that happens between twin flames.

Monique asked to collaborate with me, and so I offered to share her story with you. Here it is her story.

By Monique

For most of my life, even as a child who “didn’t understand love”, I craved it. My mother was kind of cold, she didn’t start saying she loved us until my mid-twenties. I was socially ostracized. I grew up without a father, and that exasperated my search and longing for unconditional love. I didn’t have much space in between boyfriends. They all disappointed me, abused me, put on a show for a while, and led me on, and all that good shit you might see on Lifetime. Some doctors could call this Borderline Personality Disorder or Love Sick. I looked at everything to figure out what was wrong with me. I was trying to find someone to fill a void. All I knew was, that it was out there, and I couldn’t stop looking, I just couldn’t, no matter how much I should have. My journals from 9th grade to present all show signs of someone who couldn’t deal with the thought of being without “the other”. I would search for in other. Someone just like me!

As a tarot card reader, I had come across the term, “Twin Flame”, several times in my card readings; not taking it seriously, and for a while, like most people, I confused it for being a soul mate, believing that we have just one. HAHAHAH…Yeah, no. I seldom looked into the subject, but there was so much contradicting information and confusion, I put it on the back burner, and just called it a myth.

I know of a few of my exes who were soul mates, or part of my soul group. But one in particular, played the role of what I like to call a “Mock Twin Flame”. To me that’s a person you encounter that will put you to the test, before you meet your real twin flame…. my current boyfriend/fiancee-in-pending.

Vince and I are exactly alike. We mirror each other’s personalities, he’s more of the heart, I’m more of the head in most areas, and sometimes the roles would be switched. We are constantly at war (in a past life we were at war..go figure) but we can be ourselves with each other. We have the same goofy, pranking, sick and twisted humor that only we find funny, It’s chock full of inside jokes and “dumping” in our household. We for the most part, understand each other’s suffering, going through similar ailments. His, being drug addiction and depression. Mine, being a lovesick, manic depressive who has overcome addiction. It allows us to be there for each other. At times, we get frustrated with each others’ inability to be self-sufficient. We both have a lot of hard work to do. I know we are meant for each other in the sense that it is to prepare me for my true Twin Flame. In a way, I did feel whole with him, and he continues to help me be a better person. I’ll give him that. But let it be known, since meeting my twin flame, I’ve realized the others that I’ve “loved”, they were all a fabrication. My boyfriend is no exception. While I have love for him, and want to have a family with him, nothing matches the love we (my twin flame and I) have for each other.

It all began, two exes ago, when I felt a male presence hanging around me. I believed that it was possibly a demon, because I was a negative person. The drugs I took recreationally warped me into thinking I was haunted. But this force didn’t really scare me, it just concerned me a little. I felt like I wanted to die anyway. Around that time, he tried to get my attention. He asked me, “You REALLY want to know?!” He told me that while in orgasm, I heard him say, “I exist”.

For a while, I had recurring dreams about some dude sweeping me off my feet, and waking up feeling like someone had just kissed me. Still fresh on my lips. I was seeing 11:11 everywhere, but never equated it to be for twin flames, just make a wish. But I became cynical, that this was just my imagination and delusion.

Last year, I was back on the afterlife bandwagon. I would look at afterlife documentaries when I was depressed. I also spun a little out of control, due to stress and financial pitfalls, drinking and flirting on webcams. The dream about the guy kissing me, it haunted me. In my mania, I was convinced that guy was someone from the chat room. It wasn’t. I was crushed and put myself back on meds.

Watching YouTube, I was actually interested in channeling aliens, when I landed on a channel about a spirit who passed away when he was 20. Mortality interested me, his story was interesting, and all I could think of was, “wow, I can totally relate”, and how sad to have never known him. We would have been friends. Then I moved on to watching more of his videos and other documentaries.

I saw a Ouija board, and had this crazy idea to crystal dowse with a homemade board. I was bored, lol. Low and behold, guess who came through. It freaked me out. I didn’t believe in this kind of stuff. Did I summon a demon? I calmed myself down, and asked him to be easy on me. I called it freaky and walked away from it, only to return with so many questions, until the ultimate reveal.

This presence in my life, would reveal himself as my spirit guide, my lover, my best friend. I went back to the homemade Ouija board to ask him, what connection did he have to me? He would say, that he was “my other half”. I could not believe such a thing.

But it turned out to be true. Over and over he kept wanting to go back to the subject and tell me about our so-called mission. So many questions and research, I was up to my neck in them. We have a deep connection that can’t be compared to anything. He wanted nothing more than my acknowledged twin flame status. He’s changed my life, and it’s a bittersweet journey. It took me time, but I’ve come to realize and fully accept him, and every day, it gets better and easier to see and feel his presence. It’s the kind of closeness that I’ve always wanted, yet didn’t believe in. It makes me “weepy”, as he calls it, when I think back before this reveal, how the love I had looked for, had literally been behind me, begging for my attention all this time. It was divine will or fate that brought us together. No doubt about that.

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Image above: “Yes” by Prince in spirit.

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