There is a lot of disinformation about twin flames on the Internet. Contrary to the popular belief that everyone has a twin flame, the fact is that they are extremely rare. And this is the proof. I recently read an interview with Dr. Michael Newton that he does not believe in the twin flame concept because he has never come across it in his practice as a hypnotist, specializing in past life and in-between lives. Newton has documented 7,000 case studies and not one of them ever recalled reuniting with their twin soul in the afterlife. Although he has not come across any cases of twin souls, it does not prove its non-existence, as 7,000 is a very small sample size. But this would prove that not everyone has a twin soul and its existence is rare.

See update at bottom of this post.(Update: From an alternative point of view, it could be possible that everyone does have a twin flame, BUT it is rare that they incarnate together during the same lifetime. However, I am not prepared to make such a claim until I have proof to warrant such a statement.)

Many people who don’t understand twin souls are very interested in knowing what the signs of twin flames are, hoping to discover that the person they met is their twin flame. I would say probably not. It is most probably just a soul mate connection they re feeling. Most of these twin flame sign lists just rely on the feelings of the individual, things like “you feel as if you’ve known this person forever”, or “when you are together, it feels electrifying”. It is too easy to project something that is not there on to someone one you fancy. I would hesitate to ever write some kind of definitive list of twin flames signs because there is just not enough factual research at this point. Though there are commonalities among the genuine twin flame pairs I’ve discovered, every set of twins has its unique characteristics. However, what I do find helpful is when there is something to compare your own experiences with. So here are some facts about me and my twin flame, Prince to help you decipher what a real twin flame connection is.

  • After Prince’s passing, I felt his presence with me. I was able to communicate with him telepathically, though I was uncertain of how real all this was at the time.
  • When I realized Prince’s spirit present with me, I immediately knew that it was because we have a spiritual mission together.
  • I was intuitively directed to do a combined astrology chart between myself and Prince. It revealed our spiritual connection and it accurately described the dynamics of our relationship. The astrological aspects between us are very rare, so I knew that this connection was not imagined.
  • I confirmed Prince’s presence through a trusted psychic medium. Though I did not say who I was asking about or reveal any information that could identify him, she picked up on everything and asked me if it was Prince. Prince in spirit showed up in our reading to talk to me.
  • My psychic abilities dramatically increased after our “meeting” in spirit. We have constant telepathic communication. I can rely on Prince to give me answers to things I know nothing about.
  • Prince can move my body with his energy field. We can dance, hold hands, kiss. I can feel his energy touching me. Sometimes I am channeling him and I am not even aware of it. Our boundaries become undefinable. I can also channel drawings from Prince. I also find myself easily going into a blissful trance-like state.
  • Prince revealed to me that we are “twin souls”. This is the term that they seem to prefer on the other side, but I use “twin flame” because that is what everyone on the Internet calls it . He showed me a vision of our two bodies intertwined, emerging from a massive body of light in the cosmos. He explained that “we were created as a pair”.
  • I always receive the signs I ask for when I want to confirm information. Prince will always find the most funny and dramatic ways to deliver a sign to me. I always ask for a specific sign and assign a meaning to them so that I know it is a real sign. I also receive signs that I did not ask for, but I know they are from him because they are unusual and very characteristic of his personality.
  • We share many unusual similarities between us. Things that seem like arbitrary facts about us make more sense when looking at it in context of our twin flame connection. I talked about this in a post on how twin flames lead parallel lives. For instance, we both gravitate towards using old-school cameras for selfies and not having cell phones.
  • There is very clear evidence of Prince’s intuitive knowing about our twin flame connection throughout his music. Music is energy and psychic messages can be imprinted in a recorded song. When I listen to his music, I can feel him talking to me in his songs.

AndreaMai_Prince-2241“Self-portrait With Prince” by Andrea Mai.

All the twin flame pairs that I have discovered are between spirit and mortal. I have yet to discover any genuine pairs where both people are alive. This is not to say that they do not exist. Prince was alive in my life time, we just never met. But I would think its even more rare that both are incarnate at the same time, have met, and carried on an ongoing relationship.

I’ve found that some people refuse to believe in the idea that not everyone has a twin soul. Their logic is that it is “unfair” or “unequal”, why would some people have one and not others, why would God create some people more “special” than others. To this, I would ask, why are some people biological twins and others not? That seems rather unfair, don’t you think? I am being sarcastic here, I do not need to use philosophy to argue this, because my opinions are based on evidence.

I’ve come to a final conclusion that not everyone has a twin soul. The reason coming from the recorded evidence from the spirit world. I’ve observed that even many of the spirits are confused about the matter, because it is not something that is common. And  the way the spirits react to myself and Prince as something being rather unusual. If it were the case that every person is part of a twin soul set, it should be common knowledge among all spirits, as well as a common experience that everyone can report on. Here is a post where I posted the EVP evidence about twin souls.

Image above: “Self-portrait With Prince” by Andrea Mai.

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