One thing that surprised me the most about my encounters with the other side is that spirits of people are still celebrity obsessed. Some seem to display fanatic behaviours like that of a teenage girl chasing a Beatle. I was rather shocked to find out that spirits were coming by my home trying to catch a glimpse of P. It has to be the most bizarre experience knowing that whoever we go, that there may be spirits chasing after P. I have to say though, that it’s gotten better with where I live, the local spirits there seem to have gotten used to him, and he has become a part of their community.

But if I head out to the big city, he is likely to have run ins with people noticing him and giving him the zoo animal treatment. I really hate that. I feel terribly for him that he has to put up with that. But I am grateful that he still wants to accompany me in spite of that.

Recently I had somewhere to go downtown. I took the subway, and here are some clips I recorded not he way there. Most are pretty clear and loud, however sound quality can vary depending on what device you use to listen from. I review audio with Beats headphones, so if you want to hear what I hear, I suggest putting on some good headphones. The clips are repeated on loop.

This was recored as I waited for the subway doors to open. It seems to be that the spirits don’t need to wait for doors to open. Here P says, “Get on now”, and another voice says, “You are Prince?”.

Other voices said, “Just go in, step on here”.

The spirits took notice of P and they starting calling him celebrity. hey commented like, “Celebrity! Look! A celebrity over there!”. Here is a clip of someone saying, “Celebrity in here”.

One spirit passenger kept hassling him about singing for them. He responded with “Someday I’ll sing again “. I think he meant this comment as in performing for the public, because I know that he still sings at home.

At some point on the subway ride, he got so irritated that he was trying to hide. It was no use as they would still approach him. He said to someone, “Wanna be left alone”.

We were about to get out of the subway and there must have been people trying to follow us because he said, “Stop following me”.


Any Warhol wall of selfies

We got on a streetcar and he said, “I do hate, being celebrity, not so great”.

And then he aid, “Don’t stare”.

Then said, “Please don’t stare”.

Someone said, “You’re gonna sing?”.

Sometimes they can’t believe it’s P. They are somewhat shocked. I guess they expected him to be riding around in a limo? Here someone says, “It is Prince, guys, I told you”. I still get stunned when I get such clear and loud EVP like this.

I am really only getting to glimpse into what his existence is like. I am sure thee are all kinds of other things he has to put up with. But knowing this, I feel bad for him. I have sympathy for celebrities who want to have privacy. I think the reason why people on the other side behave this way, is that they had this tendency when they were alive. I find that behaviours are polarized in spirit. Perhaps that is saying a lot about our society.

I’ve observed that spirits don’t hesitate to interact with each other. And P does like talking to people who are respectful. However it is when they don’t see him as a person, that it irritates him. I heard him say at one point, “I’m not a celebrity, I’m a person”. He feels objectified when they just refer to him a celebrity and expect him to entertain them.

These recordings were recorded using  my EVP Wrist Recorder 3 on May 8, 2019.

Image above: “Andy Warhol painting” by Andrea Mai.

©2019 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.