The press went crazy last month when photos from the investigation at Paisley Park were released. They were quick to show photos from his infamous vault, photos of his pills, and even photos of his dead body. The media is interested in eyeballs on screens and so they take every sensational angle they can on a story, even if it’s throwing mud on a person’s legacy. What ever happened to respect, and dignity? What about trying to understand who someone is? Why was Prince so special? What was it about him and the way that he lived?  Doesn’t anyone want to know? Instead they want to know how he died and turn it into something scandalous.

Despite his vast fan base, as a person, Prince was poorly understood by most. He was highly intelligent, but sometimes he couldn’t express himself clearly to people around him, because whatever he had to say, it was too far reaching for most people to understand. Despite the glamour and magic he created, his life in his last years were lived relatively modest from what one would expect. He focused mostly on his work. The photos from the police files reveal the most human side of Prince that you will ever see.

This is what you would have seen when you walk in through the front door. You can see on the two side walls beside the door, enlarged images of his iconic guitars. Inscribed on the wall are lyrics from the song, U Make My Sun Shine. At the front door, his parked his bike. Notice the ceiling of the sitting area, it is painted like a piano keyboard and night sky. It’s one of my favourite parts of the place.

This is one of his many studio areas. Notice the photo of his father on the shelf. There is a framed copy of Musicology on the other side of the shelf.

Many people don’t realize that he also rented out his studio for other artists to record.This place was not originally intended as a living residence, it was a studio production facility for music and film. Because Prince would work many late nights, he did keep a space as his living quarters. He had other houses, but in the last years, he took up full time residency at Paisley.

Notice the neon sign of the moon in he window? That was from his movie, Graffiti Bridge. A lot of his “decor” items are prop items repurposed from his film projects or they were originally used as promotional materials.

Many fans have wondered if Prince knew how to read sheet music. Although he did not write his music in the traditional sheet music form, you can tell he understood music theory by the look of his notes..

Paisley Park was had a sound stage and lounge area where he held listening parties and dance parties for the Minneapolis area locals You will notice the door is painted with a version of the artwork from When Dove Cry music video. .

The artwork from the back wall is from the album artwork for The Rainbow Children.

The oat check counter for guests. Notice on the right side, that is the motorcycle from Graffiti Bridge.

This is in one of his many offices.  On the wall are outfits he wore for performances or photo shoots.

This is the desk where the pamphlets for rehab were found.

This is another one of his offices. This room has words like “dream” and “inspire” painted on the walls.  Notice on the wall, artwork from the Planet Earth album.

Many people don’t realize, but sometimes P would use a cane for back and hip support. Notice on the floor, a shopping bag from Electric Fetus, a local record shop that P frequented.

This is another of his offices. I love this one, he had purple velvet chairs and gold foil wallpaper.

Paisley Park had two kitchens, one for everyday use and other more commercial-style kitchen. This is the counter from the “small kitchen”. You can see that he had via seeds and green tea in his stash. He took a lot of vitamin snd nutritional supplements to stay healthy on the road. P is mostly a healthy eater, but he does have his indulgences…

Many people think that Prince was a vegan. He did try being vegan at one point, but he was vegetarian. He loved his eggs. And here you see 8 pints of Haagen-Dazs ice cream in chocolate and strawberry.

This is the fridge from the “big kitchen”.

P had candes in just about every room of the house. This is his stash.

The “big kitchen”.

Hiere we found his secret stash on Snickers bars found in one of his bedroom mini fridges. He once told Scary Spice in an interview that Snickers bars were traded like currency in the school yard when he was a kid. He played in a band and got paid in candy.

Most people might imagine that P had an expansive closet, but he mostly kept his clothes on rolling racks in the laundry room with his suitcases. It was so he could be ready to pack up and go any time.

This is where he kept of his jewellery and accessories. There’s a DVD rack as well so that he could pack some movies for the road.

Here is P’s dressing table. You can see his famous 3rd eye sunglasses, some B-12 supplements, and his make up. He mostly wore a lot of MAC cosmetics.

Here was some signage that he used on tour for his dressing room. It says on this one, “Welcome 2 Canada”.

If want to know what was inside’s P’s mind, you have to know what his influences were. I have a post on Prince’s DVD collection and his book collection if you are interested knowing. I hope you enjoyed this mini tour of Paisley Park. I wanted to show you something different from what being shown in the mainstream media.

Image above: “Paisley Park” by Carver County

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