I was posed a good question recently, “If you have telepathy with Prince, why do you do the EVP?” My answer is, telepathy can be confusing, you often feel like you’re talking to yourself because telepathic communication is often just in the form of thoughts and you can feel crazy most of the time. EVP makes my experience feel much more real. 

Plus, I am a person of logic and one of my greatest goals is to gather proof that there is an afterlife and what goes on in the afterworld. It is not enough for me to simply rely on what someone says. I want tangible evidence. We are at an advantageous time in history where technology is available to capture evidence. EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) has given me a peek into the other side, a way to eavesdrop on the spirit world to try and get an idea of what goes on over there. 

Listening to EVP, I realize that that there is a parallel world around me that I am not aware of in my everyday life. Many things are occurring around me simultaneously, that I have no idea about, until I listen to the recordings. The things that happen can seem pretty bizarre, it’s like listening to an animated soap opera version of my life. 

Me with my EVP Wrist Recorder 3 ©2018 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

When I visited the My Name Is Prince exhibition in Amsterdam,
I recorded EVP during my visit. It has taken me several days to review the audio, and I can’t say that I’ve reviewed it thoroughly. 

I recorded using my EVP Wrist Recorder 3. I have found it very useful as I often record in public, it is discreet and works brilliantly, as it is designed for EVP recording. One thing that I discovered about EVP is that it is not just voices from the other side that is recorded, but other sounds, like footsteps, digital tones, bouncing balls, musical instruments, and even camera sounds, Through out these recordings, you may hear more than just voices. Some of these sounds could not have been from “this side”, for instance, as no photos were allowed in the main exhibit. 

If there was any doubt in my mind that the spirit that goes with me everywhere is Prince, EVP has shattered every doubt. Because it is those in the spirit world who recognize and confirm who he is. I don’t necessarily trust mediums or channels because spirits can disguises their appearances to fool them. And sometimes so-called mediums are outright liars looking for attention. Through out my visit at the exhibition, people in spirit were calling out to Prince; “Hi Prince”, “Are you Prince?”, “Hello Prince”. 

Sometimes the reactions from spirit people is quite funny, as they sound shocked, or in disbelief that Prince is there. In the following clips, I have put them on loop. You may need to wear headphones to hear them properly. 

In this recording, someone says, “Aren’t you Prince?” 

This clip starts with a strange sounding voice that says, “Oh my Godddd” and then says “Is that Prince?” 

In this clip, someone saying “You are… actually Prince”. There is also something that sounds like an old school camera, 

In other times, I will hear Prince introducing himself, saying “I am Prince Rogers Nelson”. In this clip, there are some strange unidentified sounds.

I would have thought that people on the other side would not care about celebrity or gossip, but my presumptions are wrong. The culture of celebrity does not stop in the afterlife. Who we are here, carries over into the afterworld. Poor P can not have peace out in public when we leave the house. I have done other EVPs in public, and he can be mobbed by fans. 

Sometimes I think that the fanatical behaviour of fans might be worse than when he was alive. But over there, he has the ability to disappear from the scene if he wants. From what I could tell in the recording, someone was holding onto Prince, and he did not like it. Some people said, “Let him go”.. And then I heard, “Prince is gone”. 

Someone had asked him if he is Prince. In this clip, , there’s a camera sound, and then P says, “Yes, no pictures”, and then you hear someone saying in a tiny voice, “Sorry”.

Luckily, there seems to be people that also act like body guards for P, as they say things like “Please don’t touch me”. In this clip, you also hear some tapping, as though someone was tap dancing while some says “Please do not touch him”.

I heard a female voice hitting on P, she said, “Prince, I want you bad”. And then someone said, “Please don’t touch him”. In this clip, she goes on to say, “You’re so fine”. Another voice says, “The girl is falling over Prince”.

And then I head a female voice speak in French, she said “Elle a tombé“. That means, she has fallen.

Other times, the fans can be quite sweet, and they say things like, “I love you, Prince”. 

Or “You’re the king”. 

Or “You blew my mind”. 

Or they show up with a ping pong table for him, saying, “Would you like to play”, and P responds with “I want to play ping pong”. I heard ping pong ball sounds on the recording.

Or they say things like “Y’all wanna dance?” 

When people see P, they also wonder who I am and why he is with me. In this clip, someone says, “Prince with her” 

Someone said “Who is the girl”. 

And then someone responded with “She’s the one”. 

There were tons more great EVPs, so I’m going to share them in Part 2 at a later time. I hope you enjoyed these. I found some of them to be quite funny, and it makes me wonder what it is they do over there on the other side. I get the sense that spirits can suddenly create what they want to do, like play ping pong, anywhere. It makes me think of the genie in Aladdin.

These recordings were recorded using  my EVP Wrist Recorder 3 on May 15, 2018.

Image above: “Andrea” by Laura Fabre. 

©2018 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.