Most people out there claim that they are twin flames, and yet they cannot provide any substantial evidence to prove their claims. I say this  because there is scientific proof of the twin soul phenomenon that is ignored, in favour of embracing speculative assumptions. Real twin flames coming together at this time are still rare, despite what everyone else is saying. I want to clarify that when I say that not everyone has a twin soul. I mean it in the sense that not everyone has reached the level to which they will experience their twin soul in their current lifetime. “Meeting” your twin soul has to do with the level to which that your soul evolution has reached and there has been plans made for the twin souls to merge during their last incarnation. Prince and I will no longer reincarnate. So this is why I tell people not to be concerned about their twin soul, because it might not be in this lifetime that you come together. Focus on your soul mate relationships. They are important for your soul evolution.

One of the hallmarks of real twin flames are that they look alike, they share similarities in physical features. Especially in the eyes. This is not to say that they look alike from the beginning since birth. Rather it is a gradual progression in which they become the average of each other. Think of it as an exchanging of energies. Everything is energy, so is the physical body. In the photo below, you will see myself as a child compared to Prince as a child. You will notice how small my eyes look compared to today.

I first learned of the physical merging through Susan Elsa, who has extensive documentation on her physical merging with Michael Jackson. She recommended that I read Twin Souls Merging by Jean Cline and Gary Duncan to understand more about it. This book is a scientifically documented case study of the twin soul pair, Jean Cline and George Reeves. In the book, it is explained that Jean was gradually beginning to look more and more like her twin soul counterpart. I have observed this in my case. Since childhood, I had small eyes. I remember when people would take my photo, they would tell me to open my eyes more. Well, I couldn’t! That is just how naturally small my eyes were. As time went on, the shape of my eye shifted. And the way my pupils sat upward became more apparent. I remember in 2008, complete strangers would remark to me, “What are you looking at?” They thought I was looking at the top of their head as if something was wrong, when in fact I looking directly at them. It was very bizarre to me, and I felt very self-conscious about it. Below, you will see photos showing the gradual shift in the shape of my eyes over the years. These photos are from age 5 to middle school.

And here are photos from high school, university, and at age 26.

And today, you’ll notice my eyes are huge compared to when I was young. The first time I ever really looked at Prince’s photo, I was stunned. This was after his passing, and I never noticed him much before. I noticed his eyes and remarked, “Why do you have my eyes? WHat’s going on here?” I felt as though I was looking into my own eyes. It all makes sense now, now that I know about physical merging in twin souls.

I later realized that our similarities were not just in the eyes. It was in the nose shape, the chin and jaw line, the cheekbones, both of us having very plump lips.

It’s also in the smile. The teeth shape.

And he even wore similar looking glasses to mine, even though he didn’t need them. See blog post about the glasses.

It’s also in the hands. People tell me that I have piano hands, but I never really learned to play.

So there you have it. Real photographic evidence of the physical twin soul merging process. Similar to Michael Jackson’s twin soul case, I do believe that Prince’s skin lightened after my birth in 1982, as mentioned by Susan Else. If you know Prince, you will notice that he was always looking for his twin counterpart. He did find women of similar looks to me. However, I believe that what he sensed of me was my future self. Because as you can see, I certainly did not always look this way. The timing would have been off, as we are 24 years apart.

When I look at myself in the mirror I see parts of Prince. And this is what he would have meant in his song, Black Muse from his last album, HITNRUN Phase 2.

There ain’t nothing better than looking for me (for me to)
And seeing you (seeing me)
Seeing you in the mirror

And that’s where we’ll end it for now…

Image above: “Self-portrait with Prince” by Andrea Mai.
Please note, photos of Prince are used for educational and research purposes only. Sources unknown.

©2017. Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.