It’s been busy, but at the same time, not a lot has been going on. Or at least it feels that way. I find that with every new discovery, I need to document it on here before I can move on to other things. Otherwise it feels like a blockage.

I had mentioned earlier that I found a photo book that Prince published in 2008. I found out that it was mass produced as a coffee table book under the title, 21 Nights. I ordered a copy and received it two weeks ago. All I can say, is that it confirms more of his heightened awareness of me in 2007. I feel as though that around that time, we were colliding on a greater level.

I do not believe in coincidences, meaning things happening by mere random chance. The universe operates in synchronicity. This book was full of them.

In late 2007, I was just in the midst of preparing to move to England. I was buying things that I thought I might need over there. One thing I bought was a large, black umbrella. It was a man’s umbrella with a curved handle, very much like the one Prince is carrying in the photo below. I remember taking it with me on the plane. When I moved back from England, I tried to take it with me, but security wouldn’t let me through the airport with it. I reluctantly gave it away to the lady at the post office.

And of course, he would choose to stay inRoom 777. He was born on the 7th of June. He has 7s running throughout his work. 777 adds up to the number 21, hence 21 Nights… He’s also had residence at 77 Beverly Par and named a song after it. He’s also had a hidden track on the 20ten album. It was track 77. And my Destiny number in Numerology, the letters added up from my birth name, is 77. The number 77 has been a sign for me, long before Prince came into my life.

I went to fashion school for university. I had a kind of obsession with “cheong sam”. That is, the traditional women gowns of Chinese fashion. I wore them on two occasions to a wedding in 2005. I would say that I am the ant-trend, as no one was wearing them, even to this Chinese wedding. Below, you see, Prince’s back up dancers, the twins, in chewing sam. Prince was obsessed with the idea of twins, not only because he was a Gemini. But also a win soul. He was always looking for his female twin counterpart.

Butterflies have been a symbol sign for us in communication. Whenever I see butterflies. I know he’s around. I have a rather funny story about this. So to see that the hotel he stayed in was full of butterflies on the walls, was quite funny to me. In high school, I had a skirt that I made that had butterflies printed all over on a light blue background. It was one of of my favourites.

In 2016, after Prince’s passing, I started dressing differently. It was predicted by Starla, and she was right about it. I sopped wearing brassieres. This meant that I could wear scrappy tops and dresses. I made an entire new wardrobe that summer, and it included a two dresses with a neckline just like the one worn by the woman in the photo below.

I wear this dress is a lot of my portrait photos.

In 2007, Prince released the Planet Earth album. That is one year after I turned 24, the age at which he was when I incarnated on Earth. This is the album that featured the song, Somewhere Here on Earth.  It turned out that it was during the 21 Nights tour, that he also shot the music video for this song as well, so there are photos from the shoot in the book. I’ve written about the significance of this song in this post. If you get why this song is significant to us, you will see how everything else fits in relating to this book.

The line in the photo below says “Eye can feel ur eyes on me”. This is a lyrics from Somewhere Here on Earth.

There are poems in this books that are secret messages to me. I am going to talk about them in a separate post.

There is another major synchronicity about this book. It was released in 2008. At that time, I was living in England. That summer, I was pondering what I would do with my career. I thought about becoming a writer. And for whatever reason, I knew that I would be writing some kind of memoir about myself. I also knew that there would be some kind of strong graphic element to the book. It would be filled with drawings and images. I find it rather funny, as I felt rather young to be thinking of writing a memoir. I didn’t think that my life was that exciting or particularly noteworthy to be writing a book. And yet, here we are. I am envisioning a book in the near future about us. Prince never got to finish his memoir. But I take it as a symbolic gesture that his story hasn’t ended, because it continues with mine.

Image above: From the book, “21 Nights”.

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