As  mentioned in my last post, I would go over some of the poems found in Prince’s 21 Nights photography book. These poems are not only secret messages to me. But they are also confirmations of what Prince believed. He was known as a Jehovah Witness. But if you observe what he says, and you are familiar with spiritual terms of an esoteric nature, you will know that he was far beyond what the religion itself preached. I know many of  the Christian-based faith like to dispute with me about communicating with those who’ve passed on. As I have said many times before, I never summoned Prince to communicate with me. It is our destiny todo so. Prince believed so much in the afterlife, he is making it known that it exists. And why would he not do such a thing if it really exists?

The following are the lines from the poems and my channelled interpretation from Prince.


Light enters the darkness
No shame and no regrets
U give yourself 2 the unknown 

In these lines, he is speaking about surrendering to the unknown, entering into unfamiliar territory. Going outside of your comfort zone. But as long as you have light, the truth, positivity, God; there is nothing that can harm you. No shame or regret can discourage you.

That’s when you soon 4get
Y u feared the darkness
Y u ever let 
Anyone mislead u
There’s always something

In these final lines, he tells you that once you surrender, you forget your fears, all the reasons why you were ever afraid. You go along with what is presented to you. You play the game.

These following poems were not titled and made obvious that they were poems. They were printed over top of images in the book.

Space travel we’re not moving at all
Eye look in ur eyes and eye start to fall

What he meant by “space travel” is inter-dimensional travel, not outer space. It is moving through dimensions through consciousness. What he means by “start to fall” is entering into a hypnotic  state.

Clothes unravel
Bolivian paper doll
If u don’t bounce, we can have a ball

Things start to feel surreal, like in a dream when thing melt away or transform. I was a bit puzzled by the part about “paper doll”. When I asked him, he replied that it is like the flimsy nature of how the clothes that hang on a paper doll with the tabs on the side. They just fall way. What he meant by “if u don’t bounce”, is if you don’t disappear suddenly, we can have a good time together.

On another page, these lines appear over top of an image.

Time travel moves you faster than sound
Secrets lost but now they’re found

In the previous page he spoke of “space travel”, now he speaks of “time travel”. This reminds of the the lines of the song, 7, where he says “together we’ll love through all, space and time, so don’t cry”. He was talking about transcending through the limits of time and space. Secrets get lost through time, through out the ages. But they are found when you tap into greater consciousness.

Spiritual healer lay ur body down
My lips r soft, my hips r bound

He is describing the experience of receiving spiritual healing. The physical bod becomes still.

“Self-portrait in pink” ©2017. Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

From another page. I found this to be the most interesting of all. There is another poem that I already wrote about. With the understanding of that poem, these lines are better understood.

Chakra transfer inside looking out
Eye’ma take it easy, no need to pout

“Chakra transfer”, this means an exchange of energy. We see that in the last two lines that this exchange is with another person. This is what he meant by the lines from Recurring Dream, where he said, “Eye saw us giving things 2 one another that could only B understood by those who had seen”. He is sensing her from within himself. Chakra, if you do not know the term, is the energy portals along the body. This is better known in the Eastern spiritual traditions.

Eye’ around u like wa hand in glove
Don’t worry baby, u’re deep enough 

He described his presence around her like a “hand in glove”, as though he envelopes her in his energy, like an aura. This describes our soul merging, as I have felt his energy move into me (years prior to his passing, but I was unaware of it being him). And of course, now I feel him around me all the time. In a way, it also describes the photos where he manifested himself on camera, emerging from my body. I asked him what he meant by “deep enough”, he responded that it is in reference to our connection being deep, as opposed to shallow.

These two lines appeared on another page, I jus wanted to mention them because of the reference to “aura”. Aura is another esoteric term that describes the energy field around your body.

Aura ascending from the volcano 2 Mars
Replenish the protein from the stars

He tells me that he was describing a vision he had. Energy moving upwards, exploding like a volcano, moving so high up into space. This energy revitalizes his cosmic energy. I found this interesting as Starla had told me in the reading that my energy was dorment like a volcano that erupts as the energy become re-activated by him.

Image above: From the book, “21 Nights”.

©2017. Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.