Sometimes people think that an artist is taking full creative license in their work when they do not understand what it means. So they assume it doesn’t mean anything and offer the explanation that the artist is being “creative”, that is why it doesn’t make any sense. A lot of people assume Prince’s songs are this way because they don’t understand his work. They might also be lacking the background knowledge to pick up on such clever nuances. Or their world view is too narrow to recognize what it is. He was Shakespearean in nature, it takes some real observation to understand what he is truly expressing. And often he is really telling more truth than fiction in his songs.

Last night I realized as I was listening to And God Created Woman from the Love Symbol album is a pure expression of the twin flame concept. Upon initial impressions of the song, one might assume that Prince is writing from the point of Adam, as in the Adam and Eve story. But if you observe carefully, he is not, as the story gets away from the original Adam and Eve plot line. Prince is actually speaking as himself, though it may be from subconscious memory or channeling his higher self.

Before I get started on the interpretation for you, I have to define what the twin flame concept, in case you are a new reader. Because there is a lot of disinformation on the Internet about what twin flames are, I want to clarify this. Twin flames is the popular term, but the preferred term is twin soul because it clearly describes what it is. But because everyone is calling it twin flames, I use it to remain relevant. Twin flames and twin souls are the same thing, though people try to describe them otherwise. Twin souls are two halves of one soul. They were created as a pair from one soul; divided in two, one embodying male, the other embodying female. Some might say that Adam and Eve are the original twin souls.

Unfortunately, there is no video on YouTube for this song. Probably because it was on the Warner Brothers label. Here is a link for an mp3 site if you want to hear the song. It is track number 15. Here are the lyrics with interpretation from me with guidance from Prince in spirit

In a deep sleep I fell
And the music starts 2 swell
One of my ribs He took and it shall be
Born of my bones (born of my bones)
And God created woman
And we were naked and did not care 

In these lines one would assume it is describing the Adam and Eve story as described in the Bible. What is interesting to note here is that in the vision Prince showed me about our twin soul connection; at the point of our creation in the cosmos,our bodies were naked and intertwined as we emerged from a massive body of light. Adam and Eve were said to have light bodies until the first sin.

There’s a time 2 take and a time 2 share
2 in love, all around and all aware
Flesh of my flesh (flesh of my flesh)
And God created woman

This is describing a deep unbreakable bond between twin flames. There is an all around energy field shared between the two. Time to take and time to share is describing the energetic exchange between twin pairs. Prince begins to use a cleaver lyrical device here, in the first set of lyrics above, he says “born of my bone”, and in this set of lyrics, he says “flesh of my flesh”. This describes the physical similarities of twin flames. They have a similar appearance about them. Their soul DNA is reflected in their human bodies.

Temptation sweet and so much (sweet and so much)
Surely die if neither one of us shall ye touch (shall ye touch)
Then again we could die from the rush (rush)
Heart of my heart (heart of my heart)
And God created woman (woman)

“Temptation sweet and so much” and the following lines express is the strong desire to be together in the physical, to touch and be in the same space or dimension. “Then again we could die from the rush”, but alas, they cannot touch or be together because the energy would be too intense. The overload of energy could cause short circuiting in the delicate human bodies. Note the line “heart of my heart:”, this means they share the same emotions, they feel each other empathetically through their bond. The concluding lyrics will reveal the true full nature of the relationship he describes

My-my-my-my-my-my woman

Not just any woman, his woman, created from him, from the beginning. His other half that is him in another body, his female counterpart. It is only they that can belong to each other

In my darkest hour I find
Many serpents who have lied (lied)
Given half the chance still I’d run 2 your side (run 2 your side)
Love of my love (love of my love)
And God created woman (woman)

On the Earth plane, he finds himself in darkness and despair; with energies who are symbolically represented by the serpents who lie and betray him. He would run to her if he could, but he cannot because they have been separated. “Love of m love”, this love is the other half of him that originated from him. Their energetic vibration is the same because they are each other||

And if I never see u again
It’s alright 4 I am guilty of no sin
They can have u, I’ll have your love in the end
Soul of my soul (soul of my soul)
And God created woman

“And if I never see u again” meaning if he does not find her on Earth, he is ok with it. Because he know he will be with her in Heaven, and he is reassured that their love is forever, unbreakable and in the end, he has her forever. “Soul of my soul”, this is the line that reveals everything; that they are of one soul. They are not merely soul mates, they are the same, of one soul.

Image above: “The One” by Prince in spirit.

©2016. Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.