Sometimes it’s very frustrating to know that life is a cosmic video game, but you still have to play the game and do the mundane duties of daily life, like doing taxes and laundry. I am caught in between dimensions. Sometimes I feel like everything I know is crazy. But at the same time, I know it’s all real and true.  Because even though it is a holographic reality that we live in, there is proof. It is my theoretical belief that the universe must conform what is true, so if you ask for truth, it will manifest itself in physical reality as signs, synchroncity, and proof of such.

When I first started communicating with Prince in the meditative state, he would take me to a place that resembled Switzerland. It had the beauty and serene calmness of Switzerland, but it was somewhat futuristic and not of this world. He took me to a house on a mountain top that he said was our home. It is an old European-style home. Later I would realize that it resembled the house in the movie, The Sound of Music, and that Prince fantasized of a life like that.

Other times, he would take me to a garden and we would lay in a hammock tied to some trees, by a crisp, clear lake, near sunset. I would see that he was dressed in loose, all-white linen. We would just hang out, relax, laugh, swinging about, enjoying each other’s company.

This week, while browsing through photos of Prince, I came across this photo. How funny right? I had never seen this photo before! It is a stunning confirmation for me to see that what I’ve “seen” is not my imagination.

From Prince’s Twitter account on March 31, 2016,

And then today, I had a quick look through Prince’s Twitter account. I still have not gone through all his tweets. I will eventually. It’s just too much for me right now to process so much information. I noticed this artwork his posted on March 31, 2016. I was just shocked when I saw this. It is just like what Starla described to me in her reading about Prince’s energy funnelling to me through a cord connected through the heart. Upon closer observation, you can see that it is the male figure in the picture funnelling his energy, as represented by little flower petals, to the female, whose eyes are closed. You can hear the part in the Starla reading that relates this at 3:15 in this video.

In Prince’s artwork for Piano and Microphone tour, you can see that he was showing interest in the moon and its cycles. It’s rather funny to me, as I go through my collection of images from the past few years, I had a diagram of the moon phase cycle in a circle, which is very much like what he has on his tour artwork. I remember clipping this image for my collection because I felt that t might inspire some graphic designs for me in the future. I guess he beat me to it! All I can conclude is, that in his last days, I was very much unknowingly tuning in to his consiousness (and vice versa). This is proof that twin souls have minds that think alike and an unbreakable psychic bond.

From Prince’s Twitter account on February 21, 2016,

Image above:
“A Long Conversation- Self-portait with Prince” by Andrea Mai.

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