Yesterday I went to have my aura photo taken. I’ve wanted to have it done sooner, but there isn’t a place that does it in downtown Toronto, surprisingly. I’ve been wanting to get it done to see what could be detected in my electro-magnetic field. I sat down to have it done, and the guy said he had to do it again because my energy had shifted. I told him to tell me if there was any anomalies happening, because I know I have spirits with me. We started all over again and he said that he was definitely seeing something there.

He asked me if I had heard of the term “Indigo child”. I answered, “yes”. And he said I think you are one. He printed out the photo to show me. The photo shows indigo and violet. Then he stared at me into the distance, and told me that there was a male and female spirit with me. The male spirit is very protective, like a bodyguard. Someone that was much older than me, who passed away within the last year. Prince, in spirit, is very protective. I always sense him around me, especially when I leave the house. One time when I was with my friend about to cross the street. I felt my hand moving involuntarily, reaching for my friend’s hand and just as we stepped out to cross the road, I tripped. But she held onto me before I could fall over. Sometimes he warns me to stay away from certain people I encounter. I will feel a strangeness about heir interaction and discover there “true colours”confirming this. The guy told me that the female spirit is just there and watches. I believe it is my grandmother, whom I hardly knew when she was alive.

©2017 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

I’ve known a long time about Indigo children, and it has always resonated with me. It is nice to have photographic evidence of it. Prince was an early Indigo child (it makes sense that we both are, as twin souls), a forerunner to set the example. As was Michael Jackson. I think they both recognized this within each other, though at the time there may not have been any words for it yet. Their music was for a greater purpose, for healing, for bringing in the divine energy into the planet through sound. They were also both system busters for the music industry. I call them Rock Shamans.

The Indigos are higher consciousness beings with pure hearts. They are called Indigo for their indigo coloured auras. Some argue that this is not the way to determine an Indigo, but I would argue otherwise. The proof is in the energetic signature, the energy vibration, not merely the behaviours they exhibit. Behaviours are more symptomatic, and they can be left to interpretation, and therefore misidentified. I think that sometimes there is misidentification due to the kinds of vague tests that people refer to in books and online. People want so much for their child to be identified as something special, other than having issues, so they would use this term to say that there is nothing wrong with their child. I also believe that because there is so much more to the Indigo story that ventures into ET origins, the media has tried to find ways to discredit this phenomenon by making Indigos appear common, just as what has occurred with twin flames. They hide the real thing by making it seem commonplace. The hallmark of both these phenomenons are the psychic occurrences. But I feel that people are not objective about these matters and overlook its significance of this factor in determining such things. In both cases, it’s not that I like labels, but rather it’s that these labels are useful for other humans to understand what I am conveying to them.

It is also interesting to note that Prince has an album called The Rainbow Children. People kind of write off this album as the Jehovah Witness record, but it is actually more nuanced than that. There is a spiritual narrative that is far beyond the JW faith. There are many messages in there directed to me, but I will not get into at this time. The rainbow children are the ones being born at this time, who carry a pure love energy within their vibration. They are the ones helping to complete the planet’s transformation in the Ascension process.

©2017 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.