Sine the topic of twin flames has exploded on the Internet, people have been wanting to find methods to prove such a connection using Astrology. I would say that Astrology is such a complex modality, it is not  yet possible to use an Astrology chart to determine whether or not two people are twin soul pairs. I say not yet, because the subject has not yet been explored enough to make such determinations. Anything you read on the Internet from an Astrologers at this point is purely hypothesis and speculation. Nothing proven, just a theory that is not yet proven with evidence. The first issue is that not many people understand the real concept of twin souls because of the false information out there. The second issue is that there is no supporting data collected through a large sample size. So as you can see using Astrology to determine twin souls is problematic at this point in time.

I have taken up an ongoing project to collect such data. However, finding genuine twin souls is still an issue. Many claims are unsubstantiated, so the process is is vigorous to determine validity of such claims. Another caviar I would emphasize is that twin soulship (new word I’m creating here) is a “complete package”. If you are really a twin soul, everything must fall into place with it. You can not use one thing to determine such a thing. So what are the elements in the package? Twin souls typically exhibit similar physical attributes (especially in the eyes), similar attitudes and psychology, they share parallel lives, they have telepathic communication with each other, they experienced visiting each other in spirit, they experience merging with each other.

My studies of Astrology and real twin flames has shown me some possible aspects that could be characteristic of twin souls. However these same aspects could still be present in a non-twin soul couple’s chart. So Astrology on its own as a formula, is still not yet something we can use to determine twin soulship. However it can still be used to observe other things, such as levels of attraction, relationship dynamic, and synchronicity.

So today, I am unveiling my synergistic Astrology chart with Prince. You will see how complex my chart is with his. How out of the ordinary it is. The first time I looked at our chart together, I was floored and couldn’t understand how this was possible. I’ve seen many couples’ charts. But nothing like this, ever. I want to point out something important here though. What you see in my chart is not necessarily what you are going to see in another genuine twin flame couple’s chart. I have found that every  chart has its unique dynamic. So my chart can only be used as a case study, and not a standard means of measure. Therefore, do not look at my chart and try to apply it to another chart. It does not work that way. I am disclosing my astrology for documentary purposes, as another piece of evidence for proving twin souls.

If you are new to astrology, I’m sorry you might find it boring, or not even understand it. That’s just how it is when you don’t understand the language. I have to speak using the proper terms to remain objective. I will do my best to explain things. I am also only going to point out the really extraordinary and noteworthy things.

The the following chart, you’ll see that my natal chart is the one in the inner wheel, whereas Prince’s is the outer wheel. The House numbers are written on the inner most part of the wheel, so you can refer to that if you want to follow what I am saying visually.

In my 10th House, you will see that both my and Prince’s natal Mercury are conjunct. This shows ease of communication and intellectual connection. What’s also interesting to note here is that Mercury is in the sign of Gemini, which is known as the Twins. This would really open up the energies for twin telepathic communication. This aspect is also intensified by my natal Uranus opposite both our natal Mercury. This literally sends sparks flying, as Uranus rules electricity. And I can say for real it rally has, I have literally caused sparks to fly out of a socket. I would say ur energetic connection is quite elecric.

In my 8th House you’ll see that my natal Venus is conjunct with Prince’s natal Mars. Venus and Mars is one of the typical romantic aspects that create attraction between men and women. These planets are in the sign of Aries, which shows a strong physical attraction and determined drive to be with each other. It also shows shows our youthful physical appearances. This Veuus-Mars conjunction activates the Sacred Geometry in my chart. You can see that my natal Venus, Neptune and Mars forms a right angle triangle, known as the Achievement Triangle. This shows that Prince activates these areas in my life; intuition, sexuality, and artistic endeavours.

In my 5th House, you’ll see that my natal Neptune is conjunct with his Saturn. This shows a strong spiritual bond between us. It is in the sign of Sagittarius, which shows a grater intensity for our spiritual connection. This also actives the Sacred Geometry of the Achievement Triangle that I mentioned above. Saturn acts as a binding element, putting forth discipline and commitment.

In my 3rd House, you’ll’ see my natal Jupiter is conjunct with Prince’s Neptune and North Node. They are in the sign of Scorpio. This aspect shows a strong spiritual connection and shared interest in discovering occult knowledge. Jupiter is also the planet in a woman’s chart that determines her husband’s character. Having the Jupiter in Scorpio says that this man would be mysterious and it would also say that a marriage could take place in secret. If you look at Prince’s chart, his Ascendant is in the sign of Scorpio, so although he is a Gemini, he projects himself to be more like a Scorpio; mysterious ad private. Also, to determine another aspect of the marriage partner, you would look in the 7th House. My 7th House is in the sign of Aquarius. This shows that my partner would be considered unusual and unconventional (so as if P was not unconventional enough in life, add to the fact that we are joined as spirit and mortal in our partnership). In regards to looking at Prince’s chart (see below) to see his marriage partner, you would look at his Venus, which is in the sign of Taurus. And I am a Taurus. And his 7th House is in the sign of Taurus. His natal Mercury is situated in his 7th House, in the sign of Gemini. This says that he would seek out someone who is twin-like to him. And you will know, that in life, he was always searching for his twin counterpart. As mentioned above, both our natal Mercury are conjunct in Gemini, which emphasizes our twin-like similarities. In addition to that, both me and Prince share the same Scared Geometry in our charts, we both have an Achievement Triangle, an Envelope, and a Yod (the computer generated charts did not properly connect the lines, so you won’t see it on the chart, but it is there, if you know what I am talking about). And another twin-like feature between us is that we are both born in the Year of the Dog according to the Chinese Zodiac.

I have consulted with another astrologer for a second opinion. She outlined some of the points that I have made above. She also made this following comments that are very interesting; “There’s probably a ton of talking with the Mars opposition and Mercury conjunctions. But very little Earth.  The Taurus Sun-Chiron person (me) will want more grounding and physical contact that the other person (Prince) will have difficulty providing”. So there you have it, it shows you in my chart that our relationship would not likely take place in the physical plane. This was meant to be a profound spiritual relationship.

If you are reading this post because you are trying to use astrology to figure out if someone is your twin flame, I can tell you that you’re not going to find it. I get emails from people wanting to know, and I tell them, every time, that the astrology is not an indicator. This is made even worse when people are not educated in astrology, start dabbling with compatibility calculators on the Internet. I’m telling you, this is not how astrology works, and it is not how you can prove a twin flame connection! While real astrology can show some very interesting things, experience is the only tool for differentiating a soul mate from a twin soul, because of the complexity of its nature. I’ve found that I can tell if a person is experiencing the real twin flame phenomenon based on what they have to to tell me, then I can tune into the energy and see what is going on. Then I will look at the astrology to see what is going on for further confirmation.

Image above: From the series, “The Ecstasy of Andrea Mai, by Andrea Mai.

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