I have a hypothesis that for twin flames, the twin that incarnates first has a greater awareness of the other twin. Not only because they would be older and have more years ahead, but also that they are the one laying out the groundwork for the mission. It has become evident to me that Prince had an awareness of me for much longer than I had previously thought. It would have been for almost his whole life, since childhood. There is an ongoing thread throughout his work that builds up a storyline about him and his twin soul throughout this entire musical catalogue. And I would say that there is even more that isn’t even published, locked away in his vault. I had a dream recently where I heard a an echoing female voice say to me these words, “Life in a vault”.

Prince’s first real hit album was 1999, and it was released the year I was born, 1982. The recording of this album took place starting in early 1982 until August of ’82. There were two songs he recorded in early May 1982. I was born May 5, 1982.

The first song, he recorded on May 2, 1982, Automatic. This song, if you understand, what the real twin flame concept is about, this song is describing the dynamic of being twin souls. Everything between the two is “automatic”. One feels what the other feels, automatically. There is no disconnect, no boundary, they are psychically bonded. You’ll understand the storyline by examining the lyrics within the context of twin flames; two souls that came from one soul. This song has an interesting twist as it is also painting a picture of his twin soul coming to Earth and being born. Here I’ll interpret some of the lyrics for you. Listen to the album version here, track number 6.

U ask me if I love U, it’s automatic
‘Cuz every time U leave me, I die, that’s automatic 2

The love between twin flames is automatic, unconditional, and limitless. In this song, he is speaking to his twin. The twin that is not yet incarnate is often guiding the other. He speaks to her in this song.

U ask me if I’ll kiss U, it’s automatic
And if U cry, me cry, boo-hoo, that’s automatic 2
I would never leave U, no matter what U do

Prince uses a lyrical device where he makes a statement and ends it with “It’s automatic”. The part about crying is demonstrating the empathetic connection that twin sons share, as they feel one another’s emotions, pain and pleasure. Twins have unspoken, unconditional love for each other, as they are the same being. They can never leave each other. It is needless to say that they are attracted to each other, it’s an automatic given, like a law of nature.

Don’t say no man has ever tasted your ice cream
Baby you’re the purple star in the night supreme
You’ll always be a virgin for no man deserves your love
I only pray that when U dream, I’m the 1 U dream of
I pray that when U dream, U dream of how we kissed
Not with our lips but with our souls
Stop me if I bore U
Why is it that I think we’d be so good in bed?
Can U hear me? Why do I love U so much?
It’s strange, I’m more comfortable around U when I’m naked,
Can U hear me?
I wonder if U have any mercy, don’t torture me

These  lines are softly spoken like he is having a conversation in his mind with her. He asks her if she can hear him, showing that who he is speaking to is not actually physically present to hear him. He says that no man deserves her love, as no man can ever measure up to her twin soul. He calls her a star, which is actually funny, because I do have a star that coincides with my name (Mai, Mai). He mentions kissing with their souls, not with their lips; this describes something beyond the physical plane, this is an esoteric relationship. It shows a real bond between the twins. It’s clear in the lyrics, he is not speaking to a person he has met in the physical. He says “torture” because they share the sae feelings with each other and her experiences affect him, so it feels like torture.

Fasten your seat belts
Prepare 4 takeoff

During these lines of the song, you hear an air craft or space craft taking off. And then you hear these following lines spoken by a female voice. This is not in the video above, but you will hear it on the album.

(I remember how U kissed me)
(Not with your lips but with your soul)
(With U I’m never bored, talk 2 me some more)
(I can hear U, I’m going 2 have 2 torture U now)

The female voice represents his twin, whom he has been speaking to. She is responding to his messages to her. She says “I’m going to have to torture you now”, and then you hear her crying. This part of the song is representative of his twin’s incarnation on  Earth, She is getting on a space ship. She is crying as she land, having been birthed. Her crying will torture him for a while as he experiences her emotions during the birthing process. She has landed. And you hear the sounds of the craft making its final landing.

The second song he recorded in May of 1982 is called Delirious and this is one of his hit songs. He recorded this seven days later after recording Automatic. Automatic was recorded on May 2nd, and Delirious was recorded May 9th. I was born on the 5th. In this song, he is expressing uncontrollable anxiety. It should be noted that Prince often uses cars as a metaphor for being human, so he eludes to not being able to drive his vehicle, meaning he can’t control himself emotionally. I would describe the emotions expressed in this song as the way man react when watching a woman give birth. I’ve talked to a friend who has studied home births and she says that it’s actually very stressful for men to be around woman during birth, and that it’s better they stay away during the process so that they do not affect the woman. Men release a lot of testosterone when under stress, which cause woman to also be even more stressed out. To verify the validity of what I am saying here is really what this song is about; Prince reacting to my birth, at the very end of the song, you hear a baby laughing. Seriously, Prince is never random in his music, maybe acting subconsciously, but not random, there is always a hidden meaning in what he does.

Both these songs show evidence that Prince was reacting to the birth incarnation of his twin soul on Earth. Automatic is about him talking to her before her incarnation. And then Delirious is about him feeling the anxiety during the birthing process. This album is the first time that a version of the Love Symbol appears, signifying the twin soul merging process. Below, you see the evolution of the Love Symbol through out the years. You can read about the real meaning of the Love Symbol here.

The point of this article is to show you the kind of bond that genuine twin flames have with each other. They react to each other, although it may not be entirely conscious. Only a real set of twins can exhibit such significant synchronicity. I’m not talking about random, universal signs that people interpret as synchronicity. I’m talking about very specific things that can only really apply to you. Looking at what has occurred on a significant dates of either twin, comparing reactions and events can show you if there is a real connection. Twin flames are a real phenomenon that many people do not take seriously because of all the crazy things written about it on the Internet. I know of several real cases, but I can not talk about it to protect their privacy. So you can see the difficulty in proving such a phenonmenon. Most people claiming to be twin flames don’t make the effort to examine their lives to prove that their really is something going on, instead they just attribute their connection with the “signs” they read about on the Internet that don’t prove anything. If there really is something going on, you just need to know where to look, and you will find the evidence to prove such a connection exists. You can’t make this stuff up. It’s the strange kind of life details that you expect to see in a movie or a novel that tells you that these things in your life are pre-destined, not random.

Image above: “Baby” by Prince in spirit.

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