It’s been interesting to observe how people are reacting to the political views of others. The tolerance level for other people’s point of views has been getting narrower. If we were talking about religion, this would be considered unacceptable. Call yourself a supporter of an unpopular world view, and you’re toast. Blatant rudeness and name calling ensues. Do we not see that intolerance for one’s political views is the same thing as intolerance for religious ones?

The truth is, the media has been manipulative in shaping the world view of the people. Entertainment and culture is used as the medium for propagating globalist political agendas. So what you really got to ask yourself is; are the views I hold really reflective of my own volition or are they handed down to you from our cultural leaders? The leaders being celebrities, pop stars, media personalities; these are the so-called thought leaders of today. Where do you beliefs come from? Are they ideas informed form on your own investigation, or something you just subscribe to from what is said in the media?

I know many would be very upset to learn of Prince’s political views if they are not well-versed in politics. I know in reality, if he was alive during the election and spoke what he really thought, many people would have turned against him, even people who were his friends. But knowing Prince, he was astute in his knowledge of politics and history. He was a various reader. He was open minded to the unofficial history that that ones in power try to hide. He made up is own mind. My question to you is; if you discovered that someone you admired had a different world view from you, would you turn against them, or would you try to understand what it’s all about? Perhaps they know something you don’t know, perhaps they see something that you can’t see from where you stand?

Never follow blindly what other people are saying, always seek evidence. Demand proof from people who make claims. It’s become way to was to just name call without having valid reasons for it.

So today, I’ve got this song for your from Prince’s Plectrumelectrum album, that he’d like me to interpret for you. It’s called FIXURLIFEUP.

Here’s the video for it. I’d like to point out hat in this video, some of the lyrics appear in the video. The reason is that he wants you to pay attention to the lyrics, to what he is saying to you. Also pay attention to the images of protestors that appear. A message that flashes in the second-third of the video says: WHEN DID THE TURHT BECOME ILLEGAL? This is relevant to today, where after the election, the media is accusing alternative media of being fake news. Whereas if you know anything about the mainstream media, the news is often made up as a psy-op to manipulate the public. In one of the photos in the video, a protestor is holding up a sign that reads; “Dictatorial Democracy is where is have freedom of speech, but the administration doesn’t listen.” Don’t you think that speaks exactly to how the governing powers are behaving after the people have voted for what they want? They are trying to overturn the choice of the people by attacking the president elect.

Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 9.28.25 PMScreenshot from FIXURLIFEUP by Prince and 3RDEYEGIRL

Here are the lyrics with my interpretation with guidance from Prince in spirit.

Tell me how some people walk in the sun
While others just walk in the dark
Lookin’ at the world through the barrel of a gun
Hands behind their back and a parked car
America you might fair better
London your sure to be toast
You’ll always get the dream that you deserve
From what you value the most
You need to fix your life up
Fix your life up
Fix it upIn the first line, he is asking how it is that some people are so aware of what’s going on around them, while others are totally unaware of the fact that they are being manipulated, like a hostage in a car. He mentions that in America you might do better at becoming aware, but not as likely in London, England. He is talking about the level of open mindedness of people in these places. The last few lines are saying that your life is a reflection of what you value in your life. Your reality is a manifestation of what you are aligned with in your personal values. You need to fix your life up by aligning your actions with what you value, your beliefs and act accordingly. When he says “up”, he also means to vibrate at a higher frequency. Adjust your personal vibes to something higher.Girl with the guitar is twelve times better than another crazy band of boys
Trying to be a star
When you’re just another brick in a misogynistic wall of noiseThis is a criticism of the music industry, drawing a comparison between a musican real talent versus a constructed boy band who are just in it to become famous. “Another brick in a misogynistic wall of noise” refers to the music industry system that doesn’t really value women and their talent. Usually female musicians are valued for their appearance or sex appeal rather than their talent.

When the leaders learn how to follow
And then all the people lead
Instead of everybody getting what they want
They can get what they need

He is asking when will the leaders pay attention to what the people are saying? When the people are heard, everyone will be able to get their needs met, rather than what they want ideologically. This is a very interesting remark, because the 2016 American Election seemed to be about need versus want. People voted for Trump because they need jobs and he has vowed to fix the economy, whereas Hilary Clinton was focused on ideology. People may have voted for her because they wanted a female president, not because of what her plan of action was.

Don’t worry about what the crowd does
Just worry about being good at what you love
Don’t make this comṗlicated
You know it’s true
Don’t make us put somebody else in for you

He is saying to ignore what is popular, what other people are doing or saying. It doesn’t matter. Don’t get caught up in the external world. Pay attention to your own life and values. Work on what you love doing, what gives you purpose in life. Everyone came here with a mission or purpose in life. Don’t let other people take your place in the world because you refuse o play your role. The world would be a completely different place if everyone did this. Don’t be scared of what other people might think about what you. This drives home the point about how you need to fix your life up- aligning your values with your actions.

Many strong messages in this song. Prince always made a point to use his music to enlighten the public about spirituality and politics. The lyrics are very clever, but not always easy to decipher right away.

Image above: “You” by Prince in spirit.

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