A couple days ago, I went to one of those discount department stores near my house. Before leaving, I decided that I would record EVP. I wondered if this time I might hear one of Prince’s songs playing on the store radio, as I noticed that since his death, his older tracks were getting airplay at Winners.

As I was reviewing the recording, I was finding all kinds of noises that just didn’t seem to be right for the location. It seemed as though there were marbles or pebbles being thrown around on the floor. I had the feeling that there were kids sitting on the floor playing with toys. I found a lot of kids voices. I only saw one child in a stroller at the time, no kids running around. The kids on the recording seemed to be interacting with Prince, asking him to play with them.

I have followed the work of other renown scientists in the field of instrumental trans-communication (ITC). I have heard from researchers like Sonia Rinaldi, that EVP can be used to make contact with people who are living in a vegetative state. She has made contact with mute and autistic children. She says that the souls of these children leave their body and they go out on little day trips with other children.

While I do not know if the children’s voices on my recordings are still incarnate, it is an interesting possibility to consider.

Many of these clips are very clear, however you may need to use headphones if you want  to hear them properly. The clips are repeated on loop.

Here a man’s voice says, “Hello Prince”.

A kid’s voice saying, “Hi Prince”.

In this clip, there are several voices. One voice says, “Who is this?”. Then Prince answers “My twin”. Unfortunately, P spoke very quietly, and was interrupted by another kid’s loud voice who says, “Look I made the glasses”. Another kid voice was howling in the background. A voice responds, “Yeah, so cute”. If you listen very intently with good headphones, you can hear P’s voice, it’s very quick, and sandwiched between.

A voice spoke to me! “Andrea Mai, Prince love you”

Prince was talking to another spirit about me, and he said, “She’s a photographer”.

A voce said, “Prince here”, and then another responds “I have met him”.

Here, Prince seemed to be interacting with a kid, making funny noises with a kid. Then the kids says, “That’s my mom”. I wonder if it’s possibly the kid I saw in the stroller.

To my surprise, I heard what sounded like a horse! Then a voice says, ” A horse in here”.

I couldn’t quite believe my ears about three being a horse! But then I hear, “Magic pony”.

And another voice says, “It’s magic, it’s magical, hi Prince”.

Here a kid says, “I wanted that toy”.

Another kid says, “So happy”.

“So cute” by Prince in spirit. ©2018 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

And if you wondered, did I get to hear my song? Yes! P always comes through. I was in the store for about 30 minutes when I Wanna Be Your Lover came on.

In this clip, you’re going to hear part of the song where he sings, “I need your love, babe”, but on the next line, you are going to hear a line is is not in the song in the place of the original lyrics that was, “That’s all I’m living for, yeah” (0:42). In stead, you will hear, P in spirit singing, “I’m always here with you sugar”, and you’re going to notice a voice pitch difference. That is why I left a little bit of the original so that you can compare.

P was singing along to his own song. His voice is higher than his own recording. You can hear the difference one the words “Turn you out”. And then on the line “Make you shout”, there’a a microphone echo effect on it. And then the part where he says “Yeah” is a higher pitch than the original.

It is really exciting to discover the kinds of things they do on the other side. I am totally intrigued by the pony. It really makes you wonder… It seemed to me that P had become familiar with some of the spirits who regularly hang out at that Winner store. Which really makes me wonder, when you think you’re by yourself, who’s there?

These recordings were recorded using  my EVP Wrist Recorder 3 on August 20, 2018.

Image above: “Eye Love London” by Andrea Mai.

©2018 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.