A little while ago, I was sitting at my piano. I had just opened the cover, and I was sitting there, looking at the keys. When suddenly, I heard a sound that seemed like it was coming from the inside of my piano. It sounded like someone was sliding his finger across the surface of the piano. I was simply stunned, amazed. Prince, making his presence known, showing his love and support.

©2017 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

I was born with piano fingers. Long and lean. People would always comment on my piano hands. I’ve always preferred to keep my nails short like a piano player’s. No reason why. My dad had bought a piano for me when I was one years old, an upright Yamaha in glossy, dark wood, delivered straight from Hong Kong. He was hoping that I’d learn to play. I never quite picked it up, even though I had lessons. I just didn’t like the silly little songs that I was given to learn. I discovered in my research that Prince’s first instrument was piano. He fired his piano teacher, because she wouldn’t let him play what he wanted. He wanted to play the Batman theme song. He became self-taught after that.

I think if I am to ever learn piano, I’d have to be self-taught. Much of what I know about anything is self-taught. I like to improvise. I think that is our thing, as twin souls, one of our parallels. We like to explore on our own, and not be told how to do something. I recently started to learn to play a bit of piano. I like to make up my own tunes. Sometimes I can feel Prince’s energy coming through my fingers.

Piano hands: Andrea Mai versus Prince

Nothing makes me happier than when he shows up to work with me. Because the nature of our relationship is intangible in this reality, it is in working on creative projects that I can really feel connected with him. Sometimes I get these ideas, and then I will realize that they were also his ideas.

Please note that on some weeks, I don’t post anything here. It just means I’m busy in my personal life or I’m taking time away. Other times, I just want to keep things to myself.

Image above: “Playing piano” by Prince in spirit.

©2017 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.