I’ve been busy with doing EVP research. I’m behind on blogging because there is just so much going on. Much to do, so little time. Sometimes I just don’t have the energy to do things right way as I’d like. I’ve been using my public Facebook page like a microblog for quick daily updates on Prince activity, so follow that if you wish. I also post links to valuable research videos there as well.

A couple weeks ago, I ordered a digital recorder that was designed for EVP. As it was explained to me, the audio level of spirits are somewhere alone zero to 30 hz. The human ear can only start to hear from 60 hz onwards. However, a recording device can capture more than what we can hear, hence EVP recordings are made possible. The device I bought can record from 20 hz onwards.

I was excited to receive the device and started trying it out right away, learning how to use it. I told P that I would try it out with him that night when the house was quiet, in the middle of the night. I was dead asleep when I starting hearing tapping that woke me up at 4 am. Disoriented about being woken up, then I realized that I had promised to try out the recorder with him. (I hold him to his word, just as he holds me to mine)

Over the next few days I would do recordings. On some recordings, I started to notice a chirping sound. I said, “P, you sound so cute, like a cricket”. And the cricket sounds would continue to occur. I started to notice that the chirping sounds would occur after the 29 second mark into recording, if they happened at all. I become somewhat confused, did this sound have anything to do with the backlight that would shut off after 30 seconds? I was concerned if it was the device that might be defective causing the sound. Or if it was the settings causing any of this. I examined all my recordings, they were inconsistent in both length and tone. Clearly there was consciousness behind this, as the sound was not uniform as it should be on a digital device. I kept doing tests with different settings to make sure. The results were inconcistent.

Still baffled with the uncertainty, I told my friend about it. Suddenly she tells me, “You’re not going to believe this… But I am hearing chirping, followed by a water fall crystal sound, after the message bell going off from your messages.” Unbelievable, P was playing with my friend’s phone to make a point. The chirping I was hearing on my EVPs were him. Then she reported that the ding sound for Messanger  would not go off on some of my messages. This has never happened to her phone before. But it was common for me. Often times the ding would disappear for a while. I suspected it was P, but could never be certain. I soon realized that it really was P. And another event that occurred in the past was also him as well. I woke up one day and the ding on my Messenger was different, replaced by a different sound. I thought perhaps Facebook had changed it? I remarked that I didn’t really like the new sound. I wondered if it was a Mandela Effect. And after a day, it had returned to the original sound. I had always wondered about it ever since.

I don’t quite know how he makes these chirping noses, but I suspect that there is some sort of mechanism in the device that he is exploring. I noticed him doing similar things to my iPad, using mechanisms in an app to play around with and do something abnormal.

I’m going to be posting EVPs on this blog in the coming weeks. I suggest listening with headphones, otherwise you might not hear him at all.

Here is a recording of all the chirping sounds compiled from all my recordings. Notice the variation in the tone and length of the sounds.

Here is me singing Moon River, you will hear a croak at the end. That is P.

Image above: “Lips” by Prince in spirit.

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