In all honesty, I am looking forward to the day of my return home. I know my work here on Earth is to be a light onto others. But I want to go home, and this is why I do not hide what I am about. The more open we can be about spirituality, the greater of service to humanity I can be. My personal actions are what will contribute to the outcomes of full disclosure for humanity.

Nothing compares to true love from the other side. It is boundless and immense. After you experience it, you can never go back to being normal. I often catch myself saying to Prince, “I want to go home. I want to be where you are”. He would respond, “It’s not time yet. We need you here”. This is apparently what I signed up for.

Prince’s soul contract was up when he passed away. He knew it was coming. He just didn’t know when exactly and it came as a surprise to him that it was sooner than he thought. He is home now, he is in the bigness that he always was. No more of the limitations he always felt as a human. I know many of you out there are missing him. But believe me, he’s still around, just not in the same form you knew him as. He is much more powerful in spirit form. He did his work here on Earth and it was time for him to move on the next part of the mission. That, we are doing together.

Prince wrote about wanting to go home in his Art Official Age album in a track called Way Back Home. The first time I heard it I cried, because I knew exactly how he felt, as I have often felt it myself.  Here is the track and my interpretation of the lyrics with guidance from Prince in spirit.

Any person or object whatsoever
That requires your attention
Is something that has veered
from its path and preordained destiny
of total enlightenment

This past is spoken by a female voice who speaks in the beginning of several tracks on the album. This album was about his mission on Earth, and then going home and being assisted by guides to process his human experiences. This part of talking about how the things outside yourself are what lead you off the path to your true destiny and mission, thus taking you away from becoming enlightened.

I never wanted a typical life
Scripted role, .trophy wife
All I ever wanted, to b left alone
See my beds made up at night
Cuz in my dreams I roam
Just trying to find, trying to find
My way back, back home

Here he is expressing his truth about his personal life. He never truly desired the things that most people want. He was looking for something greater, that was beyond himself. This explains his strong interest in spirituality. He eludes to astral projection in the lines about “in my dreams I roam”.

So many reasons why
There’s so many reasons why
I don’t belong here
But now that I am I
Without fear I am
Gonna conquer with no fear
Until I find my way back home
Until I find my way back home
Find my way back home

He expresses his inner knowing that he doesn’t belong here on Earth, that his soul comes from another place in the cosmos. But since he is here anyways, he’s going to try his best at what he does and do it fearlessly.

Most people in this world are born dead
But I was born alive
I was born with this dream
With a dream outside my head
That I could find my way back home
My my way way back home
Is this the way?

When he says “Most of the people in tis world were born dead, But I was born alive”, he means he was born with more of his soul energy (and spiritual aliveness; connection to God). I have explained in a previous post that he came here with more of his soul energy. When one incarnates, a portion of their soul being is left behind, this is known as one’s “higher self”. Most come with one-thrid of their soul being, whereas he came with a lot more than normal. This results in greater spiritual abilities.

Power to the ones, power to the ones
Who could raise a child like me
The path was set
But if u look, the truth will set us free
I’ve heard about those happy endings
But it’s still a mystery
Lemme tell u about me
I’m happiest when I can see
My way back home
Can u see my way back home

He is expressing gratitude for those that were around him, that helped him grow on his spiritual path. The “path” is his destiny, it was set out from the start, “a master plan”. The truth of knowing it was all in the divine plan sets one free from the pain and suffering of one’s experiences. But even though he’s come this far, life is still a mystery to him, he is still seeking answers, still looking for the”happy endings”, the grand conclusion. He is most happy when he is making progress on his spiritual path.

There is still so much speculation about his death, I want to address it here (see my post on finding closure about his death). He has told me that it was not murder, nor suicide. It was a process he took on that shortened his life (listen to the reading here). His soul contract was complete. He had worked al his life tirelessly because he knew he didn’t have that much time. People like to point out the signs, such as the elevator, or the pink moon that night and connect it to the likes of ritual sacrifice. (Update: see my post about the Paisley Park investigation) To this we say, no. They were universal signs signifying it was time to go. The universe shows synchronicity when it is meant to be. So don’t get all riled up by what you’re reading on the Internet.

This post was updated on August 30, 2018.

Image above: “Cosmic Journey” by Prince in spirit.

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