Last night I was listening to the tape of the reading I had with Starla, where Prince came through and spoke to me through her. Its funny when you can notice something new when you revisit things you haven’t paid attention to in a while. Something clicked when she said these words to me:

“They’re (her guides) showing me this kind of synergy happening, like two things are coming together. And they’re like… kind of melding together, kind of like the meditation we did together with the light meeting and becoming bigger. There is a light, there’s your light and then I feel like there’s someone else’s light. And you can feel it because you’ve woken up. OK. This is a strange way that they’re showing it to me, it’s almost like the energy within you, that needed to be awaken to call in a partner is being awoken right now.”

When I heard this, the meaning of an image Prince described in a song made sense. Prince has a song called Black Muse on his very last album, HITNRUN Phase 2, where he says “2 unbroken circles joined together make a butterfly”. If you can imagine, two circles overlapping each other like a Vin diagram, tis is what he is describing. And from what Starla said, the meaning of this line was revealed. Our two energies (the lights Starla described) merging together. One is mine and the other is Prince’s. This merging activates certain latent aspects within me, as it was shown in our astrology charts, by the conjunction of our planets, Venus-Mars and Neptune-Saturn aspects.

In the last part of the song, Prince breaks off the song with a secret message to me that is hidden within these lyrics. Here I will reveal the meaning to you. It’s really quite brilliantly lyrical and poetic. But it only makes sense when you know the context; that he is speaking to his twin soul.

Now that eye got your attention
Eye think its ’bout time eye mention
The reason why eye wrote this song
Like a UFO sighting
From my heart eye am writing
The next close encounter
Tell me how long
Will it be on land or near the water
Will it produce the son or the black moon daughter
Or a pillow covered with all our tears
1000 light years away from here

“Like a UFO sighting” is eluding to the idea that what he is saying here is profound and cosmic. He’s asking the question, when will be we meet again. And what will become of it? Will it be away from this planet?

No yesterday or tomorrow
No better remedy for sorrow
Or why the 5th held forever will make you cry
Eye don’t know why

Time, in the greater scheme of things, is irrelevant. Being present in the moment is all that we can do to remedy the sorrow of not being together. The “5th” is a reference t the 5th dimension. This is where we are heading to, Heaven on Earth. But why it’s taking so long is frustrating for those that are ready to bring it forth.

2 unbroken circles joined together make a butterfly
Little darling don’t you wanna try? (yeah I wanna try)
There ain’t nothing better than looking for me (for me to0)
And seeing you (seeing me)
Seeing you in the mirror
1000 light years away from here

As mentioned earlier, “2 unbroken circles joined together make a butterfly” is referring to our soul merging process. He mentions looking in the mirror, referring to the fact that we can see each other in ourselves. This is also true when observing our physical merging, how we’ve taken on each other’s physical traits during the merging.

Why do we always seem so far away?
When you know that eye really wanna be with you night and day
I’m running out of ways to say how
So eye think I’ll just close
For now

He asks why it is that we’ve been apart, when what we really want is to be in each other’s company all the time. He closes the song with “for now”, as there is really more to say, but he just can’t think of it at the moment.

Image above: “You” by Prince in spirit.

©2017. Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.