I am so very excited to unveil this video to you. Last night, just past midnight, I had the idea to try doing an EVP with Prince. If you don’t know what EVP is, it stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon. It is known in the paranormal community that voices from the other side, though it can not be heard by human ears, it can be detected by machine and recorded.

This takes me back to the days as a teenager, where I listened to paranormal radio shows late at night. I never thought I’d be involved in paranormal investigation. But then again, Prince and I are the type of people who are into this kind of thing. We are more curious than scared.

I am absolutely amazed that I got this recording. A bit shocked at first, to be honest. And really excited and pleased to have such proof. I feel that this is taking my art to another level. I am realizing the direction of my art. As Starla had told me in a reading that my art is about communicating something profound. Something greater than me or my personal expression. It is bridging the other side with ours. Showing you, that there is something greater beyond this life.

Here’s the video. I’ve made efforts to create a visually pleasing presentation. I hope you enjoy it!

Image above: “Love God” by Prince in spirit.

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