Earlier this week, I re-released the Prince reading in video format. Check it out down below. It wasn’t until after completed the project, that I realized how even my design sensibility is similar to Prince’s. I was watching some of Prince’s old music videos from way back. In his very early videos, he’d have the words of his lyrics come on screen. Examples are Sign O’ The Times and Alphabet St. And then again, in his later videos with 3RDEYEGIRLl, like FIXURLIFEUP and ANOTHERLOVE. My decision to highlight words and phrases in my video was, I’d say, unconsciously influenced by Prince himself. He is always encouraging me to be on video. The trouble with that, is that I don’t enjoy speaking on camera so much. I always forget what it is I want to say, which is why I prefer interviews, where I am interacting with someone.

As I was producing the video, typing up phrases to place in the video, I am once again reminded of why it is I do what I do here on this blog and beyond as an artist. As it was conveyed to me, Prince only got so far with expressing what he came here to express, my work as his twin soul is to pick up where he left off. “You have to keep it going. This is your job.”

I get people who learn of me, and all they want to do when they interact with me is question “Why you?” As if  to say, who are you to associate yourself with the likes of Prince, when he didn’t even know you in life. For such people, clearly, they never bothered to read my blog. They just like to ask questions, but never accept the answers. I’ve written openly and extensively about my experiences. I do not have the time to hash it out with you personally. I do not care if you believe me or not. I am not offended by your disbelief. It would be like if I took it personally every time someone said that they didn’t believe in God. I believe in “Live and let live”.

Others react in such a away saying, “Why can’t you just be normal”. And all I can say to that is, because I am extraordinary. To live any other way would be denying who I am, pretending to be less great than I am. Of course I realize that such comments are reflective of the commenter and has nothing to do with me. I only bring it up to make a point, that you shouldn’t care what other people think of you. You should own up to your greatness. People put you down because they don’t want to own up to theirs.

I don’t share my experience for some kind of self-gratifying, attention seeking agenda. I do it because it’s my purpose and mission to communicate and express my ideas and experiences with you. There are seriously, much easier ways to become famous nowadays; and it has nothing to do with being yourself. Celebrity is very attainable if you are willing to sink down to being anyone but yourself. I share my messages because this life you are in, is all about being yourself. Being completely who you are in your greatness is what you are here for, not some “normal” life. The concept of what is normal is just a social engineer’s way of making you feel like you have to conform to society and what everyone else thinks. It’s a form of mind control. Free yourself from such thinking.

And lastly, I share my experiences with you because I want you to know that there is something greater beyond the life that you know of. There is something unseen; higher forces. There is life after death. And this is why what you do with this life is so important. As Prince said in the song, Sweet Baby, “The road you choose to walk in this life, is the one that leads into the next”.

Image above: “Andrea” by Prince in spirit.

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