Last week, I decided to record while going out to drop a package in the mail for my Easy shop. I’ve been selling yarns from Peru since 2005, after I finished university. I recently got new shipping packaging, bright purple mailing bags. I get excited looking at them. Colour has always been a source of inspiration for me.

It was snowing a lot when we went out. Prince commented, “Like a snow globe, very windy”. Some of these EVPs are quite clear and loud, others are more quiet, but can be heard if listened to carefully. You may need to use headphones to hear these to its fullest. The clips are repeated on loop.

Here is P saying, “We gonna  mail a package”.

As I was getting ready to go, someone said, “Can I come”. Prince answer, “Yeah”. I don’t know who that was. As I’ve discovered, sometimes he has people over, and other times he’s talking to an angel.

After I got my coat on, I went downstairs, the tv was on in the background. Someone said, “Hey Prince, shall we come with you?“. I’ve noticed that when we go out, P often tells someone we’re heading out, and they often come with us.

Here is P saying, “Snowing”, as I was walking on the fresh snow on the ground.

On the way to the mailbox, we saw a nice looking shepherd dog. She seemed to be looking at me, as I passed her, she turned around, still looking at me. She seemed to be smiling. I seem to have the effect on dogs, ever since P’s passing. I think it might be because of all the spirits around me. P said, “Looking at you, Andrea, the dog”.

When I opened the mailbox to drop the package, a voice said, “Here we go”. This clip is very loud.

Then I heard, “Can we help you“. I hope this means that there are angels that helps send packages, LOL.

When I got home, someone said, “Prince back”. Prince said, “We’re back”.

So when I got home, I went to my bedroom, took off my coat and got myself settled back in. P said, “I love purple”, referring to the new purple packaging.

Now here is the crazy part. After I hung up my coat, I just kind of stood there in the middle of my room, taking a breather. Suddenly I heard this bang coming from the dresser drawer beside the door, it sounded as though someone crashed into it. But no one was there. Then I heard what sounded like my metal bangle bracelet bounced somewhere, so I went to go look. I sw it was gone from where I keep it, a wooden box frame filled with lavender buds, along with my other bangle bracelet. There was noting on the ground. I looked and saw the bracelet was swung around a bottle of eucalyptus oil. I was looking at it, a bit stunned at how it could have gone there, because the distance is quite far for it to have just fallen of the edge of the box (4 inches from the box edge). Here is a photo of what it looked like.

©2019 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

Here is the audio as this occurred.  He said, “Toss your bracelet”. You can hear someone else there.

Before he did that, he said, “Your bracelet… tossing it”.

After he tossed it, he said, “Yeah, I tossed it, it was me”. In between that I could hear someone said, “Prince did it”. I guess he saw me looking puzzled at what just happened.

I wondered how he did it. He said, “Spinning bracelet”. OK, I wish I had a video camera set up.

I am stunned at what he did, and having it on recording makes me feel over the moon about it. To have confirmation that it was his doing. It’s really quite funny to think that maybe he planned it, knowing that I was recording. I guess they thought they would entertain themselves with a good old fashioned ring toss game? P was really good at basketball.

This goes to show that the spirit world can and do have an effect on the physical world. Something we just don’t fully comprehend yet, if we ever will.

These recordings were recorded using  my EVP Wrist Recorder 3 on February 27, 2019.

Image above: “Winter trees” by Andrea Mai.

©2019 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.