The EVP experimentations have been progressing. I have fallen behind on blog posting. The recordings have been piling up. It takes a lot of time to review and transcribe them. Be sure to follow me on my Facebook, as I post there daily about my interactions with Prince, and sometimes things get posted there first.

I showed you in a previous post that P was messing with my Purple Rain DVD. I decided that I would try it again with Under The Cherry Moon. We were planning to do it. He even pulled up a pic from that movie on my Pinterest. But that DVD would not play at all. So I put on Graffiti Bridge. It was playing the selection menu, but you’ll see in the video how the sound was affected. There seemed to be a slight speeding up of the music too at some point. I kept trying to press play for the DVD, but the remote control was unresponsive Somehow it landed on the Languages section, and you will see that the subtitles start going, and the audio from the movie is playing, but there is no visual. The movie visual start to come on, but it is extremely distorted. And eventually the whole thing comes to a halt. He says on EVP, “I stopped it“. I reset the DVD, but weird things keep happening. I put on Purple Rain as a test to see that the DVD player is functional. I asked him after this whole thing on EVP, if it was him orchestrating all this. He says, “Ya, I did it“.

Earlier that week, I found him messing with the hallway light. When I noticed the light was dimmed, I said to him, “I know it’s you. I’m going to catch you on video. Hold it right there!” I set up my tripod. I saw him flashing the light. I said, “Wait, I’m not ready!” Here’s the video I captured.

At 1:00, he says, “I will do it“. I isolated the audio clip and repeated it on loop here.

P had actually done this thing to the hallway light before. But I never caught it on camera. I wasn’t even sure at the time if it was him. But one time, my brother commented that the light had gone crazy, jumping around saying “on” and “off”, and as he would say “on”, it would go on, and when he said “off”, it would dim. It was quite funny to witness.

Image above: “Self-portrait with Prince” by Andrea Mai.

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