EVP is one of those things that kind of frustrate me to do. On one hand, they do provide evidence of spirits presence. But to review them and analyze them is time consuming. If I’m lucky, I might be able to make out what P is saying. But often times, I hear the upper register of voice in between all the white noise. I much rather be capturing him in other ways, such as photographs. But I still keep trying. It was Chinese New Year last week, and I got a fortune cookie that said, “Keep trying, the best is yet to come”. I hope that cookie is right!

Today, I’m very excited to show you this EVP recording. I really got more than I expected, as I was only expecting to get him on audio. ButI also got him in action, messing with electronics.

Here’s what happened. I was setting up to try this other method of EVP, where you use an audio sample source that they can use to speak through. I put in the Purple Rain DVD, and when it played, it looked so bizarre, the images were scrambled, the audio was fast and slow, and choppy. Actually, the visual looked kinda funky, like some weird matrix world. I didn’t know quite what to think of it in the moment. But my experiences have thought me that this is usually something that he is doing, and that I should record first, and ask questions later. I’ve kicked myself too many times for not documenting something as it was happening, because I was dumbfounded, only to realize it was him later on. So I put the camera up to the tv screen. I let it play the way it was and after a while, it froze. I sat there and let the camera keep rolling. I heard a tap. He has been using tapping to get my attention on things recently. I started whispering to him. Asking him questions. He kept tapping in response. After a while, I decided to stop the DVD and start it again, just to check on whether or not the DVD was damaged or not. I saw that it was normal, and I kept restarting it a couple more times. It was normal.

I reviewed the recording I got and after the first tap, I found a whisper saying “Hello, Mai” (at 0:23). And at 2:41, a series of hums in a rhythmic tone.

Here I’ve isolated and repeated these anomalies for better listening.

Image above: “Self-portait” by Andrea Mai.

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