Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working on developing EVP with Prince. And I can finally say that we have had a breakthrough in terms of getting good EVP from him. It takes time for them over on the other side to develop abilities, but also for us over here to get the recording conditions right.  I have done research from those who has success with it. They often report that it was a learning curve and it tok time for it to happen. They just never gave up. And over time, the voices grew louder and clearer. I am grateful for the results I am getting after trying so many different things.

One thing that I discovered is that they use existing sound and they shape it into the words they wish to speak. So although I can still get something from recording in silence, somehow background noise can amplify their voice on the recording. I have done many tests, sometimes asking the same questions on different recordings to compare results. The answers are all the same, but the audio quality varies.

For documentary purposes, I am going to be present the EVP recordings on my blog. I have cut the recordings in such a way that at the start, I pose my question and I allow the recording to run until he says the answer (proof that this is not cut and paste), I repeat the answer about ten times so that you can hear it better. I strongly suggest using headphones to listen to these recordings as folks sometimes complaint that they hear nothing. Listening requires patience. It is not a casual activity.

In this recording, I used his own guitar solo played in reverse to amplify his voice. Do you recognize the song? It’s Crimson and Clover in reverse. I asked him to say his full name, “Prince Rogers Nelson“.

Now compare it to this EVvP where I just played white noise in the background. “Prince Rogers Nelson“.

I asked him to say what or connection is. In this first recording, it was done in silence. He says “Twin“.

In this second recording, it is done with white noise, he says, “You are my twin soul“. And then he says “Twin soul“, once more.

In this clip, I ask him if he is here. He responds with “I’m here“. This one is really cute! It reminds me of his records where is messed around with his own voice as Camille.

In this clip, I ask him if he is here, He says “Yup“.

Image above
: “Speak” by Prince in spirit.

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