Whenever people say that they are still mourning Prince, I say that Prince is still here. He’s just invisible. He is still influencing matters. I have absolute trust that things will turn out the way he wishes in the end. The truth of everything will come out into the light. Court documents that hiding truth with be revealed. The true intentions of the people that were in his life will be shown. And the truth of who we are will be shown for the world to see. His legacy will live on the way he wishes despite the setbacks. He has shown me his ability to influence matters.

Yesterday, I was running errands with my parents. We were going to be in Prince’s old Toronto neighbourhood. My dad is driving. I silently wished to Prince that we might get to drive by his old house. I just wanted to see it. And I kind of thought, well whatever if it doesn’t happen, no biggie. As we finished off the errand, driving along the main road to get to the next destination, I noticed a baby blue car pull up right next to us at the stop lights. It made me think of Prince’s own baby blue Bentley. I also remembered how two of my parents old cars from my childhood were light blue. I can’t stop staring at baby blue cars. I would call this a sign for what was about to happen. We suddenly drove into a smaller street where all the fancy houses are. I had this strange feeling, like we really were going to his old house. My mother says the name of the street out loud, and then I knew for sure that we were going there. I had seen on the map before that his house was situated on the curve of the road. We turned the corner and there it was. His old home with the beautiful gate door adorned with the sun motif. We drove by and I looked back in the distance. It was a brief moment; ephemeral, like seeing a unicorn. Somehow, Prince was able to influence my dad to drive to his old house, just as he was able to influence my friend’s husband to request Purple Rain at their wedding.

Today, I pulled three tarot cards to answer questions to regards to the management of his estate and legacy. I pulled Strength, The High-Priestess, and The Magician. The message transmitted to me was that Prince is acting from where he is. He tells me to have faith and trust that things are happening according to divine will. My role as his twin soul on Earth is to act as the bridge between the material and spiritual worlds.

I have said to Prince that I would help him in whatever way I can that is within my power to do so. I do not know his people. As his twin soul, I know what he would want. But I will not be the one to reach out to them, as it is difficult enough as is for anyone to believe me. So I leave everything in this regard to the grace of God to handle.

Image above: “Our Garden” by Prince in spirit.

©2017. Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.