A couple years ago, I starting noticing the strange cloud formations that were covering our skies. First the lines in the sky, then these strange formations that looked like cotton balls. If you observe carefully, you will notice a sort of line pattern in the photos below. These clouds are created using a secret technology called HAARP, where they use scaler waves to activate these chemtrail clouds. This is a form of geo-engineering, as these clouds will result in unnatural weather conditions.

This summer, I have noticed more frequent chemtrail spraying in the skies here in Toronto. As soon as there are clear blue skies, it is not long before the lines start forming in the sky and by early evening, we will have full cloud coverage. The next day, it will rain. When you start paying attention to such things, the weather becomes somewhat predictable just by looking at the clouds.

Last year I was photographing the chemtrails at sunset in Lavaux, and I noticed that the lines would appear to be moving and growing. I was confused and not quite sure of this, until in the last month or so, while I was working outside in the garden, standing in one place for a good half hour, I observed the lines in the sky moving and growing. The lines itself had shifted from one part of the sky to another. And then there was a sudden rainstorm that came in once the sky was covered in clouds. This is clearly evident that they are not contrails coming from planes, because exhaust fumes would not be able to stay up in the sky like that.

This extra rain this summer, has been responsible for unusual flooding and sudden shifts in temperatures.

It is bad enough that they are manipulating the weather, but what they are spraying in the skies are toxic chemicals that land everywhere, in the water and land. People who are concerned have been getting their garden soil tested and the results are showing quantities of barium, aluminium, and many other elements that are not naturally occurring, and do not belong there.

This is a major problem that no government to being a part of, and no mainstream media is reporting. If you think these clouds are normal, then you really don’t know clouds, my friend. Start paying attention, and you will notice the thing I am talking about here.

Prince spoke about chemtrails in his interview on Tavis Smiley in 2009. Here the clip of it. The song he is asked about is called Dreamer, and I did a post about that song here.


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