If you know my story, then you will know that I did not really notice Prince much when he was living. I would have noticed him in some pivotal points in his career when it made headlines, but that was as far as it went. I was into music as a teenager, but eventually stopped paying any attention to the music scene, as I saw how shallow and banal it was becoming.

After his death, I felt his presence, it was like he was quietly observing me from afar. I would suddenly feel the need to know everything about him, so I listened to all his interviews. It was then that I learned about how the music industry really worked as a business. Unfortunately, its an industry that is designed to keep out real artists that have their own “voice”. The music industry isn’t about making good music, as one would expect. It’s about controlling your perception of reality. In other words mind control.  This is why it is such a heavily controlled sector.

For those of us out there, who are artists, we must understand how the industry is run, and to accept the reality that the “music dream” is an illusion. It is not really possible to have both a personal creative vision, and to be part of the system. One must find ways of doing business that are not considered the norm, by finding innovative solutions.

Prince came here to act as a role model, not only as a human being, but as an artist. He spoke out about the injustices of the music industry where others would prefer to remain silent. And although many people still can’t help but be sad about him leaving us, he leaves behind his “teachings”. We decided to create an audio compilation of Prince’s interviews, where he spoke about how he found ways to get around the “system”. We hope it will educate and inspire you to find new ways of how you could succeed as an artist.

P/S Pay attention to the last little clip in the end. Its the title of a Prince song that you should check out.

Prince Talks About The Music Biz 

Image above: “LoveSexy” by Prince in spirit.

Image and text ©2017 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.