After Prince’s death, it was so hard to get a hold of his CDs. The majority of his catalog was independently released, and as you know, CDs are no longer in vogue. Only a small portion of his work was on iTunes. So I started buying what I could find on eBay and Amazon. One of the first albums I got was Lotusflow3r. When it arrived in the mail, I set everything aside to listen to it for the first time. When the song Here came on, somehow I knew it was for me and I cried.

These lyrics stunned me. I know what he meant by them, and at the same time, they were describing what was happening to me. Prince was with me in spirit ever since his passing. We were in constant telepathic communication shortly after, and then eventually revealing that we are twi souls. You can hear the song here, it’s track number 5.

Listen, baby
Let me break this down
I am gonna say this once 
Then I am gonna leave this town 
If you can learn 2 open your eyes under water 
Then you and me won’t drown 
Without each other 
I promise I’ll see you on the other side 
Just believe in me and trust this ride 
The quickest way there is, you and me sincere

I saw that the meaning of these lyrics dumb founded Prince fans in a forum thread I came across. What he meant by “learning to open your eyes under water” was learning to use your spiritual powers. According to Jungian psychology, water is symbolic of the psyche, the mind, and intuition. It is an interesting symbol because the pineal gland, known at the third eye, is filled with water. The gland is made up of the same material that the retina part of the eye. The gland is meant to be filled with water, so that one can see visions through the third eye. When the gland is calcified due to fluoride and poor diet, the gland is not functional. An interesting side note is that the Holy Grail is a symbol for the pineal gland. Another interesting thing I noticed from the movie Minority Report, was the use of water to extract psychic information.

By “other side”, he means after death. As twin souls wait for each other so that they can ascend together. Twin souls are the other half of each other, so they can not fully ascend without the other.

I recently started to see a connection between the music video for Te Amo Corazon, as I could feel that it was another song addressed to me. It was seeing the video for it, that it confirmed everything to me that the song was about a twin soul connection, not a regular romance. But the part I want to talk about here is the scene where Prince sees his mystery woman from across a swimming pool, and they both simultaneously  dive in to meet each other. Again, this is the water theme. They are meeting each other in the psyche, not the 3D Earth plane. This woman in the video is a vision of his twin soul. You can see the video here.

te-amo-corazonScreenshot from Te Amo Corazon music video by Prince.

And then after chatting with a friend about dreams and symbols, I was reminded me of the dreams I used to have where I would be swimming naked in the middle of an ocean and meeting male counterpart. I had no idea who the man was, but he felt familiar. The atmosphere was foggy, not unlike the featured photo above.

Image above: Photography by Andrea Mai.

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