Prince is most known for his Purple Rain movie, but in my opinion, his best movie is Under The Cherry Moon. It didn’t do well at the box office, and it got poor reviews from critics. But my feeling on it is that generally speaking, movies that have a positive, spiritual message tend to get put down. I’ve explained in past posts that the Hollywood system is run by dark forces and the gatekeepers of this system will prevent the success of such films. The film is gorgeous. Filmed in black and white. There is something both modern and classic about it. Beautiful costumes. Great acting. Engaging story line. Yet humorous, the movie doesn’t take itself too seriously. And of course, amazing original soundtrack by Prince. But most importantly, the message in the movie.

Although the movie itself didn’t do well, the soundtrack titled Parade, did very well. The song Kiss came from this album. The album is like an extended audio version of the movie concept. Its main message is that love overcomes all, and that you should choose true love above all things. What matters most is what’s inside the heart and soul, not money, not status, not material objects. Love is the most powerful force of all, not even death can stop it. The message is reverent to today even though the film was made in 1986. But the film feels like it could have been made in more recent times. It’s no surprise, because Prince was always ahead of his time.

One of the songs that conveys his message is the song Mountains from the soundtrack, he sings:

I say it’s only mountains and the sea
Love will conquer if you just believe 
It’s only mountains
And the sea
There’s nothing greater, you and me

Prince – Mountains (1986) by retrospective1

For me personally, since the start of my communications with Prince in spirit and discovering our twin soul connection, he has always used the images of mountains and water as a symbol for overcoming obstacles. I would often find him channeling images of mountains overlooking a body of water to me in thought or in drawings.  Although he is now on the other side, we are together in mind and spirit, no “mountain” or physical limitation can stop us. In our case, we never got to meet in this lifetime, but it doesn’t stop us from being together now.

This perspective becomes evident as Prince’s character in the movie, Christopher Tracy says to his best friend about true love, “Really, Tricky, there’s got to be something else, if two people really dug each other, they couldn’t be torn apart no matter what happened.” And in the following line, Prince shows that he intuitively knew something about twin flames. “That’s my point, if two souls are one, I mean if that’s the ultimate, the flesh is nothing! We live in a parade.” Notes the use of the meaning of the real meaning of twin flames in his explanation. He uses the word parade as a metaphor to say that life is not the reality we think it is, it’s like a show, or a game. We have to see past this virtual reality to see true love. And in this line, Christopher is writing to his lover, Mary “We are of one soul and if I die, we’ll be together side by side.” What he is saying here is that there is no end to love, as life continues on the other side. I’ve heard the writer Touré point out that the characters names Christopher and Mary are thinly veiled disguises for Jesus Christ and Mary, which is interesting because this movie’s message is directing the viewer to consider the after life.

Prince fans have noted that Prince passed away on the night of a cherry moon, as does his character in the movie. A cherry moon, for those who don’t know is a pink full moon moon that signifies the beginning of springtime. Also note that there was snowfall during the month of April when he died. I remember it being so cold and stormy that I thought spring was never going to come. Prince may have subconsciously predicted his own death. The song for the soundtrack, Sometimes It Snows In April reveals his attitude about love and death in these lyrics:

Always cry for love, never cry for pain
He used to say so strong, oh unafraid to die
Unafraid of the death that left me hypnotized

Though his death came unexpected, sooner than he thought, he often felt the pressures of lacking time to completely fulfill his mission during life. He felt a strong urgency to save the world. So many things got in the way of his message. Fame made it harder as it always rends to overshadows truth. It was clearly evident throughout his work that Prince always knew that there is life after death. Feeling his presence in my life,I know this to be absolutely true and I hope those that hear my story will know this too.

Image above: “I love you” by Prince in spirit.

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