My friend, Susan Elsa once made a remark on her blog that Prince is very similar to Michael Jackson in many ways, and so it must be that Prince’s twin soul would also be very similar to herself, due to twin soul parallels. I have written about how I met Susan. I still find it stunning to this day. MJ and Prince born in the same year, 1958. Susan and I born in the same year, 1982. All four of us born in the Year of the Dog. Talk about perfect synchronicity!

I spoke to Susan today, and we noticed more similarities about our journeys. When I first met Prince in spirit, it was conveyed to me  urgently that I did my art. But as time went on, it became more urgent than everything else to do my blog. to publicly speak the truth about who we are. Because everything else falls apart if we don’t have the truth. It was for many reasons I began writing about my twin soul experiences. First, to have a context for my art, so that people could understand me as an artist. Second, to speak out against the false twin soul information on the internet. But thee was something else that I could see coming, and that was; imposter twin flames. People claiming to be Prince’s twin flame. I saw this happen with Susan. At this point in time, I know of at least four different people making fake claims about being Michael Jackson’s twin soul. I have even received communications from such people. Susan Elsa is the real deal and I know it because of how our friendship came to be. Prince would never send me to an imposter. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. Susan has provided that on her blog. I have provided that on my blog for my case. There is nothing to hide. The truth always comes out in the wash, as Prince would always say.

It has also come to my attention that there are those claiming to channel Prince. They make YouTube videos and write blog posts. First of all. There are those who are really channeling Prince and I know it. But the majority of those out there claiming this are in fact not. Prince tells me that there are many “rando weirdo” spirits impersonating him to those who are willingly “open-to-receive” and those attempting to summon Prince. Though Prince is in multi-dimensional form now, believe me, he does not go to random people he does not have a soul connection with, nor does he spill the beans on personal information. Spirits are the same as they were in life, and you know, Prince hardly spoke a peep about personal matters, even to his own people. What makes you think he would give out info for people to gossip abut? He does not need anyone’s help in resolving his death. He is a powerful being who can influence matters from beyond what any individual human can do. I would also like to make it lear that I never sought out Prince, he came to me. My connection to him was never a conclusion that I drew for myself. It was given to me. So friends, beware. Don’t be fooled by such claims that are out there. Approach everything with scepticism and objectivity, as do I. I do not even recommend going to see a psychic unless they have proven themselves to you. I have personally made the decision to no longer accept unsolicited readings from psychics that approach me. There is more harm than good in such matters when you give away your power to other people like that.

Remember, Prince is an extraordinarily high vibrational being. He only communicates with others of like vibration. People liken him to a unicorn when he was alive in human form. This is still the case.

In closing, I just want to say Thank You to all my loyal readers. I know many of you have been continually returingn to read updates on my blog. I see you. Your continued interest and support is much appreciated.

Image above: “Delusion” by Prince in spirit.

©2017. Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.