Tomorrow will be the second anniversary of Prince’s passing. His death hit a lot of people real hard, and although I cried for him. I never really mourned the way others did. His passing was our reunion; I uncovered a part of me that I never knew, and all the pieces of my life started to make sense, like a jigsaw puzzle being put together.

Prince passed on April 21, 2016. The song from Under The Cherry Moon, Sometimes It Snows In April, which was recorded on April 21, 1985, has been said to have been a premonition of his own death, as the song is about  missing someone who died. It did snow that April, and it ws a pink moon on the night of his death. It snowed here this week too. There was a crazy hail storm for two days straight over the weekend.

April 19, 2018

I cannot relate to the same kind of grief that all his friends and followers are experiencing. I can only tell you about the extrordinary  occurrences that took place following his death. It was as though I had been awaken from a long sleep. On the morning of his passing, I was sitting at my desk when I heard about him on the radio. Prince tells me that when he left his body, he found himself in y room that night. He made sure that I would turn on the radio that morning to hear the news. For the following several weeks until our actual “meeting”, he would observe me from a distance. (In turn, this made me wonder that if I had died before he did, would it mean that I would have found myself at Paisley Park, totally confused about why I was there?). If you want to read the fill story of how all this unfolded, read this.

This year, I started to work diligently to develop EVP with Prince. On a recording, I caught him talking to someone with questions about twin souls. In this EVP, he says how he found me, “I was in her room after I died”. He went on to explain that if you have twin soul, you know your way to him or her. I would presume that this is like an automatic process for twin souls to return to each other. (For the following EVP recordings, please use quality headphones to hear them properly. These recordings are done on loop so you can hear them better.)

After I discovered that I had developed the ear to hear EVP, I started to go back to my old recordings, and I finally heard him on those. I went back to my old videos that I made and reviewed the footage and I found EVP on those too. Finding these, I have come to understand that EVP is happening all the time, regardless of any intention to create EVP recordings or not. Spirits are all around, everywhere, and they can be recorded regardless of your asking them to say something or not. Of which, I have come to the understanding that they speak with their thoughts, which creates a avery subtle frequency sound wave that can affect the surrounding noises. This is why their voices can be amplified through white noise.

I looked back at an old recording, done on May 9, 2016, I did a Numerology reading of Prince. This was when I still has no idea that he was my twin soul. All I knew was that I felt a strange fascination towards him, and felt a bit funny. Looking back, I know the reasons for these feelings were because he was actually there with me.

I turned on the camera, and he said to me, “I am Prince Rogers Nelson”.

Then he said, “Nice camera”. This is funny to me now, because I know from looking at photos, that he appreciated real cameras, and that he liked taking photos.

He went on to say that he was trying to tell me, “I am your twin soul”.

And, “I love you”.

By this time, I had already knew that I loved him, but I held back because I thought it was silly to be falling in love with someone who had just died. But clearly, from the above EVP, the feeling was mutual.

It’s been both an exciting and bittersweet journey. My life is out of the ordinary. It’s not an easy path, but hey, like P, I never wanted a “scripted life” either.

Image above: “April Snow” by Andrea Mai.

©2018 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.