Recently, I did a quick EVP recording before shutting down for the night. I meant to go pray right after that before going to sleep. I didn’t look at the recording until a week later.

These clips were recorded with white noise in the background. They are repeated on loop.

Reviewing the EVP, what I found was an intruder. The unwelcome entity said something evil, trying to pass it off as coming from Prince. But P immediately cut in, saying, “Andrea, that’s not me”. He sounded frantic, and seemed to be knocking on the table to get my attention.

P said to me, “Go Andrea, pray”. I had intended to record for longer than I did, but I felt him pulling me to just end it and go pray. I didn’t know what was going on.

Here, P said, “You have to go”. As you might know, if you follow my EVP posts regularly, the EVPs rarely sound exactly like the person as they were when they were “alive”. Usually they sound like a cartoon, as if they sucked on a helium balloon. I’m still not sure why it’s like that. I wonder if it has anything to do with how much energy they may be exerting when speaking. But occasionally, I do catch a clip that sounds exactly like him. I tested this clip both with and without headphones. It is a bit harder to hear it without. He is speaking in a lower tone. So put on the headphones if you don’t hear it.

I never would have believed that there were demons, and that they have such influence in the world. Not until I encountered them on EVP. There is just so much we don’t understand about the spirit world and its potential influence over humanity. And even though ancient texts like the Bible, has warned us of such things, a modern society like ours, that has adopted science as its doctrine, rejecting the idea of spirits.

I have discussed in older posts, how spirits can influence us without our knowledge or suspicion. They can operate seamlessly, causing us to think we are completely autonomous in our thoughts and decisions. But the fact is, they can whisper things into our mind’s ear, and we might assume that we came up with those thoughts. Having witnessed and experienced such influence, has made me aware of how dangerous this power is, when placed in the wrong hands. Unsuspecting, vulnerable people, who do not question their thoughts, can be taken for a ride, and wind up doing things that they swear they would never do. If you have found yourself feeling invaded by an extremely evil thought that seemed to suddenly pop out of nowhere, then you were probably subject to this influence. Most people would be too alarmed and ashamed to admit such an occurrence, believing that these thoughts belonged to them. Therefore, I feel it is important to discuss such matters, so that people can become aware of spiritual enemies, and take back control of their mind, by learning to distinguish when thoughts are not their own.

Some (but very few) psychiatric professionals have begun to recognize that some mental illnesses could be due to spiritual harassment. These cases are very extreme, where patients actually hear the harassing voices. They recognize that normal, healthy people can also be victims of spiritual harassment on more subtle levels. People can fall prey to being maliciously instructed to do evil things. This explanation is not meant in any way to offer an excuse for a person’s behaviour, but rather to give insight about what may be occurring. At the end of the day, awe are all responsible for our own actions.

Back when I first started doing EVP, after I had discovered that there were evil entities harassing my mind, having caught them saying such things on my recordings, I searched for answers on how to rid of them. At the time, there seemed to be a continuous barrage of them targeted at me and P. I didn’t hear everything they said, but I would find them on my recordings or hear P fending off someone. One night, I prayed. They still came. The next night I prayed. And that night, P told me there were angels that came to relieve us. Ever since then, I always prayed for protection. I know it works, because occasionally, I would hear angels telling entities to stay away from us. There are still times when we receive a sneak attack, but they are quickly dealt with by the angels.

Based on my experiences, I would recommend that everyone take up the practice of prayer. It is our communion with God that truly protects us. I know that it can feel daunting, if you don’t know what to say in a prayer, so I am going to share with you, a general template, an idea of how I word my prayers for protection. You can adjust the wording, but basically, this is just an idea to help you communicate with God to ask for protection. You can word it differently to suit your needs.

Dear God, Thank you so much for your protection. Thank you for the angels that protect us. Please allow the angels to send away demons and evil spirits from coming near us, block them from trying to deceive or interfere with us, or do us any harm. Please remove any demons or evil spirits that might be in my house or attached to any person here. Please remove them and seal off any portals used to sneak in.

After this, I continue with the rest of my prayers. To be honest, in the beginning, there were even less words than that in my prayers. I really just begged for help. I developed this prayer as my practice become regular. Sometimes people think that they have to use fancy or flowery language to talk to God. There is no need.  You should just be sincere.  Here is how I end my prayers:

I pray in the name of Jesus Christ.

There is power in the name Jesus Christ that will make any demon flee from you. If you say it with sincerity, you can rebuke any demon that comes your way. I recall once, a long time ago, in a dream, hearing evils voices. I shouted at them, “I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ”. They left me in peace.

May God bless and protect you.

These recordings were recorded using  my MacBook Pro on August 17, 2019.

Image above: “Prayer” by Prince in spirit.

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