Ever since my experiences with seeing how P has demonstrated his influence on things like getting my dad to drive past his old house, or getting his songs played on the store radio; I have come to call into question just how much influence the spirit world has on our reality. Considering that to be the case, how much power do we truly have to “manifest” in reality? As I have observed through my EVP recordings, spirit are everywhere around us. We simply have no awareness of them bring around us. People have come to assume that there are only spirits around if they show themselves. But that is not true at all. They are sharing the same space with us, hearing our thoughts, and they could be influencing reality without our knowing. These spirits could be good or evil. The idea that is often expressed in cartoons, where a person has a little angel sitting over on one shoulder and a little devil over the other is not as far fetched as one thinks.

With all these things in consideration, could the things that you thought you “manifested” using your will power have actually been orchestrated by the spirit world? If the Law of Attraction worked the way people have been describing it, shouldn’t it work every time, like clockwork? A law, (in scientific terms) is only a law when it is reliable and fail-proof, there can not be exceptions and variances. The Law of Gravity work every time. Usually when someone reports that one’s wishes did not work out using the Law of Attraction process, people will say that somehow their mental state was blocking their ability to manifest. But is that really true? I would suggest that rather than creating excuses or blaming one’s self, that perhaps this “model” for what we call Law of Attraction or “manifesting” is not true, or accurately understood. In the realm of discussing such topics, the influence of the spirit world is never brought up. Nor is it considered when quantum physics is used to talk about it.Though quantum physics has shown that thought can affect particles (and therefore affecting matter), this has not yet proven the real mechanism for how thoughts manifest into reality for things like influencing people or having the winning lottery ticket.

I have shown in my blog posts, how when I have asked Prince to get a particular song played on the radio at the store, he makes it happen. It’s not necessarily an easy or instant task, but he orchestrates the situation. If I were not aware of Prince;s presence, and asked for the song, and then received it; I might have assumed that somehow I “manifested” it, not knowing that a spirit heard my request and filled it. What’s not to say that “signs” or synchronicities that we think we got from a benign universal force, was not some nearby spirits orchestrating them? Why is it when you get a sign, you don’t miss it? It is as though something is calling your attention to it. I’d suggest it is a spirit giving you a poke to take notice something.

By demonstration, it seems that the Law of Attraction seems to apply more accurately to the spirit world. The spurts seem to manifest far more effectively than we can. And they seem to truly live it, as their existence is spent thinking things into existence. And then there are moments for when what they are “thinking” is created into our existence (how often this is occurring, we just do not know). We are limited in our ability to do the same thing. As living beings, we are all spirits attached to a bodily container, so shouldn’t we be able to do the same thing? What is the barrier that stops us from manifesting in this very same way?

I have seen people “manifest” things into their lives. Things like positive career moves, love relationships, money to pay an urgent bill. People also pray for these very same things and get them too. And in other cases, they don’t get them regardless of how hard they manifested or prayed for it. I wonder, what is the difference in concept and effectiveness for manifesting versus prayer?

But another question that I think is even more important to consider is, who is behind the veil orchestrating, fulfilling or denying wishes? We know that wishes can be granted by both good and evil forces. How many times have you heard about a pop star say that they sold their soul to the devil for a record deal? If you are using “manifesting”, then perhaps you are leaving it open for any spirit, good or bad to fill your wish. Would it be better that you ask it from God?

My prayers to God have mostly been for spiritual protection. This has never failed. But I know if I try to “manifest” energetic barriers of protection, they can be broken through. So something has to be said for the power of God.

I’m not saying that our thoughts have no influence on reality, but what I am pointing out is that perhaps we don’t quite have a clear understanding of how it all works, because we haven’t taken into consideration other factors, such as other conscious disembodied beings that could be working for, or against us. These spirits are working in the realm of thought, just as we are, but what they are doing is on another level that we are not yet able to fully grasp.

Image above: “Prince’s old house” by Andrea Mai.

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