I am certain that there is more written material by Prince about his experience as a twin soul that is stashed away in his vault. I recently came across a limited edition book by Prince, published through Opus. It contains a poem written by him, about us. The book was created to document his 21 Nights tour in London during late 2007 (at this time, I was in the process of moving to England for two years). His Planet Earth album was launched at this time, and his awareness of me had grown to a greater extent, as demonstrated in the song, Somewhere Here On Earth. Here, I will share lines from the poem with my interpretation of it.

Recurring Dream
by Prince

The thought of us 2together was consuming 
It soon became a recurring dream

His awareness of our connection was growing. He saw us in is visions and dreams.

Eye saw us giving things  2 one another
that could only B understood by those who had seen
U in ur true essence and me in mine

The “essence” is the soul essence, where we embody in our beings the truth of who we are as souls. “Giving thing 2 each other” is describing the merging of twin souls. The exchange of energies. This process is only understood by those who know what the process is and who has ben a witness to it.

while the whole world pays just 2 wait in line
2 C us do what we waited 4 a lifetime
Each other… 4 21 Nights

What we waited for a lifetime was to be with each other, to undergo the soul merging process. It was in our soul contract to do this during  this lifetime. The “whole world” is referring to an audience that awaits. “21 Nights” is the name of his London tour. I knew that 21 was something symbolic for him, not a randomly chosen number. I asked what he meant by it; he referred me to Revelation 21 in the Bible, where the arrival of New Heaven and New Earth. It is interesting to note that card number 21  of the Tarot is The World, which also refers to this chapter in the Bible, after The Judgement has took place in Revelation 20. So you can see, what he is speaking of in this poem is of an epic soul connection that results in a greater impact on humanity.

I have been using the Major Arcana tarot cards with Prince as another form of communication. If you saw the movie Under The Cherry Moon, there is a reference to tarot cards, so I find this mode of communication quire humorous to Say the least. Its very interesting to see him to close cards that visually depict what he wishes to convey to me. The cards can usually be interpreted as having  a storyline woven through. I asked him to chose three cards to depict this poem. So here are the three cards he chose; The Magician, Death, The Lovers. The Magician is in reference to himself. The card depicts a man holding up a wand (I found it funny to note that he often carried a fancy cane like a staff during his life). While the Death card could be interpreted as death itself, what this card conveys is a sudden shifts, purification, or transformation. The card depicted an armoured skeleton on a white horse in front of a person who waits. This could be interpreted as himself arriving to merge unite with me. The next card is The Lovers, which represents the two of us together. It depicts a man and woman holding hands in union, with God overlooking the two. Behind them is the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life, which would refer to the origins tory of Adam and Eve. The card can be interpreted as our reunion with each other and return to our true essence.

Update: I just realized that Prince passed on the 21st of April. Look at the synchronicity here, he wrote “4 21 Nights”. April (4) 21. And if you want to examine even more closely, the number, the tour took place in 2007, which is a 9 universal year in Numerology. 2016, 9 years after this tour, the year he passed, was also a 9 universal year. 9 is also Prince’s Life Path number.

Image above: “With Me” by Prince in spirit.

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