It’s been kind of an interesting week. Time feels lifetime is flying by and it feels like things take longer because time is speeding by so quickly.I went to a psychic fair on the weekend, and I had an electronic palm reading done. The man doing it chatted to me and I mentioned that I am very psychic myself. He said, “let’s do an experiment”. And so he said that he chose a number from 1 to 100 and asked me to imagine a blackboard and to write the number in chalk. He wore a number on paper and asked me what it was I said “57”. And he showed me the paper and it said 57! I’d never really tested my psychic abilities, so this was quite stunning to me. Later I realized that the number 57 is a sign from Prince, as it was the age he passed. Then yesterday, I saw the news that Charlie Murphy has passed away at age 57. I was stunned by this. Then I noticed that he passed on the 12th, whereas Prince passed on the 21st last year in April. Reverse numerology! And then I noticed that tit was a pink moon the night before. And Prince left on a pink moon as well. And even stranger yet, Charlie Murphy posted a tweet on the 4th of April mentioning Prince. I have no words for how stunning this synchronicity is. If you didn’t know, Charlie Murphy did a parody sketch of Prince on the Chappelle Show. It was as though his passing was a parody of Prince. He was born one year after Prince and left one year after Prince passed. I love this sketch, and I know that Prince was on the other side to greet him.

Image above: “Flowers” by Prince in spirit.

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