Sometimes the hardest person to love is yourself. You know about every flaw you have, every mistake you’ve ever made. You can hide from the world, but you can’t hide from yourself.

To know yourself is to love yourself. To see yourself for who you are and to accept it, to even see your own beauty. This is true love. Most of us search to be loved by another because we need someone to assure us that we are lovable. But the truth is, who we are truly seeking to be loved  by is one’s self.

What I love about photography is that it is not just about capturing what something looks like. It is capturing the energy, the soul. It is capturing what radiates from within. Which is why I find it so exciting to photograph portraits. I get to capture a rare glimpse of the beauty that one might not see within themselves. It is like getting to hold up a mirror to someone and showing them how beautiful they are.

Here is a series of self-portraits of myself I did on a lazy Sunday morning.

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