Any time there is a question I have that I can not really get the answers to, I ask for a sign to confirm what I have gathered from a situation. The proper way to ask for a sign is to ask for a specific one and assign a meaning to it. So many people ask for signs, but they don’t ask for anything specific. So they interpret everything as possibly being a sign. And that is just delusional thinking. Seriously.

This time I was in Europe. I asked to see angel wings. There was something I was told that seemed too out there to believe. S I asked for this sign. For days went by and I didn’t get anything. But Prince kept reassuring me that he was working on it.

I was at the airport, about to fly back home from France. I got to the airport early so that I could get into doing some duty-free shopping. And for some strange reason, I kept wandering into the perfume department. I do not buy perfume. Ever. And if I did, it would not be at the airport. But something kept drawing me in. Well, there was a reason for it, and here’s what it was.

An entire shelf of perfume boxes decorated with angel wings! The perfume was by Paco Rabanne. And you know what is even funnier?Prince has a song where he mentions Paco Rabanne. It’s called Movie Star, from the Crystal Ball album. An unmistakable sign from Prince himself. He always does this, finds the most crazy ways to deliver a sign. It’s a really funny song. Prince is a very strong radio actor. He should have done cartoon voices. LOL.


Image above: “Your gonna C me” by Prince in spirit.

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