Last month I was in my local discount department store. That morning I felt this urge to go there, not for any particular reason. It was just a quiet whisper telling me to go. I do loe these kinds of stores, the bargain hunt, not knowing what you might go home with. I walked into the book and stationary section, turned around and staring right at me what this book, Prince, front facing on the top shelf. As if it was deliberately placed there, waiting for my arrival. It’s moments like those where I feel reassured that what I know to be true in the spiritual, does manifest itself in 3D reality. I haven’t read it yet. It’s a bit weird for me to read about Prince. It’s like if you were reading about a close family member from a stranger (while your loved one was hovering over your shoulder).

April was a strange month for me. I felt drawn down, like I was trapped, free in my own cage, but in a difficult space. I felt like a toal failure as an artist, not having gotten anywhere with my work on a business level. It’s all well and fine to make work and put here on a website, but not enough to make a career. I decided to be completely upfront about who I am as a person, telling it as it as it is in my artist bio. A psychic empath who has glimpses into the other side, the other soul half of one of the worl’s most beloved rockstars. The truth is, if we really wish for human consciousness to rise, we must not be afraid to acknowledge our psychic abilities and other worldly experiences publicly. I felt a lot better after I rewrote my bio page. I wouldn’t say I go around openly telling people about my experiences, but I will answer if I am asked, and the truth is here for anyone who wishes to see.

From time to time, I will go through the artist opportunity listings for submission calls. They are mostly for group shows. There was a call for artists to show at my local library system; they exhibit a new artist every month at the different locations. I noticed the deadline for application being April 21. A sign that I must apply, the date of Prince’s rebirth into the spirit world. A month later, I received a letter telling me that my application wasn’t selected. I couldn’t help but feel disappointed. But no matter, I must carry on. A few days later, I received a message about the library needing artwork for a location that they just renovated and to notify them right away if I were interested. Of course I was interested! A few emails and a meditation later, we worked it out and I received a letter saying that my work was selected. I am absolutely thrilled to say that I will be showing in February of next year in Toronto.

What’s more is that I messaged Starla to tell her of the news, because one year ago, she had predicted that I would have a show. She told me she saw white space and large photo prints. She reacted joyfully to the news, recalling that she remembers vividly what she saw; white spaces, huge windows and lots of light. Actually, she never mentioned the huge windows to me. But she was correct. The newly renovated library is top to bottom windows, filling the space wth lightness.

Some things are predestined. Never doubt that what’s yours will come to pass.

Recently, I started to notice more and more that I was seeing colours, energy patterns swirling through the air. I had noticed it before, but it was mostly faint and I never paid too much attention to it. It was becoming more apparent in its intensity. I was seeing people’s auras. I started to look into my own in the mirror. I noticed an orb that hovers over my right shoulder. Sometimes it appears as white with flickers of blue light, like a hologram, and other times indigo and purple. It is Prince. Usually I find him in my mind;s eye, sweetly looking over my right shoulder. One night I was sitting in bed. I saw his orb in deep purple floating across from me, inviting me to stare at him. Suddenly I saw his orb playfuly bouncing on my bed like a basketball (he loved to play) and floating around the room.

Observing auras and seeing energy is still new to me. Recently I was in a situation where I was in a room with people involved with the law. I saw the aura of one lawyer and it was a sickly brown. A sign of illness and negativity. I was a bit stunned, but not surprised. I had never seen a brown aura before, because the ones I’d seen were always bright and vibrant.

People says things and lie. But you can never hide your energy.

Image above: “Prince Book” by Andrea Mai.

©2017 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.