One night in the South of France, I asked Prince for a sign. I asked to see a purple car. It was a sign that he has shown me before and I wanted to see it again to confirm my beliefs about the future. Purple cars are pretty hard to come by, they quite rare. The next morning,, my friends drove me to the train station. On the way there, my jaw dropped; we saw a purple car! I said to my friends, “Hey, I asked for that!” And in that moment, I thought to myself how cool it would be to see a purple motorcycle.

During my trip to Switzerland, I spent an afternoon in Vevey. I wasn’t planning to go there, but the lady at my hotel suggested it. I had already been in Montreux so I thought, why not go to a different town. I wandered the old streets within a few blocks. I wandered some more, not really sure where I was going. I started to think that I was lost. And then suddenly, I saw this beautiful, stunning purple motorcycle parked in front of a clairvoyant shop window. The door was locked. So I rang the doorbell. I wanted to go in and maybe have my palms rad, but unfortunately, the lady did not speak English.

When I got home from Europe, I ordered all of Prince’s movies on DVD. I admittedly, had not seen Purple Rain at the time. One night I sat in bed and watched Purple Rain. That night Prince sent me into a vision of me hopping onto the backseat of his purple motor bike and we drove away into the countryside. The next day, I was with my parents out for dinner, walking to the restaurant, and just outside was a purple motor bike. It looked just like the one from Purple Rain.

I always find it so funny how Prince finds the most humorous ways to deliver a sign to me. He likes to send me surprises. It is in these moments that I realize how much we are living in a Matrix controlled by a greater force than what we an see.

©2016. Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.