I wasn’t sure if I was going to post this story. 

During my trip to Europe, I flew from Sweden to London. I was first to arrive in my seat row. Normally I prefer the aisle seat, but because it was a short flight, I thought it would be nice to get a window seat to look out from the window during take off. Two Swedish girls arrived at the seats next to me. They looked to be in their early twenties. The girl next to me looked kind of goth pink. She had blue tinted dark hair and dressed in all black. Suddenly I felt shocked by the smell next to me. The ghastly smell of urine filled the air. The smell that you would expect from a homeless person I felt horrified by the smell. But I became very confused as no one seemed to take notice or react to this horrible smell. Swedish people are known for their cleanliness. I was unsure if the smell really came from the girl next to me, even though it seemed to come from her. 

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During the flight, I huddled in my seat corner, facing the window, trying not to breathe, hoping to avoid the smell. At some point, I did not seem to smell it any more. I thought perhaps, my nose might have become numb to it. But I smelled it once again after the plane landed and I was waiting to leave. I was confused by the lack of reaction by the nearby passengers. I thought to myself, surely, if it was from the girl next to me, and she had to wear a diaper for medical reasons, I am sure that she would have the common decency to change it, the embarrassment of the smell would be motivation enough. I left feeling confused by this event. 

I recorded EVP during that plane ride. I found that on the recording, the spirit world was reacting to the horrible smell. Prince was horrified by the smell and said things like, “I can’t breathe”, I kept hearing on the recording, “bad smell”, “smell diaper”. Here are clips from the recording. You may need to use headphones to hear this properly. The clips are repeated on loop. 

Here is P saying, “Stop that, don’t touch me”. You can hear a slap sound. I feel like maybe he slapped however was bothering him with his gloves. 

Here P says “Bad smell”. 

Poor P, here he is saying “Can’t breathe”. It sounds like he is gasping for air. 

Again, he says “I cannot breathe… smell the diaper”. 

He says, “Can you smell the diaper”. 

I’m not sure if this is P, but someone says “Can you smell that”. Notice the funny way the word “that” was emphasized. 

 Here, someone coughs. 

 Here, P says “It smells”. 

 P says, “I hate the smell”. 

I’m not sure who this is, but you can hear a voice saying “Help!”  

I heard P talking to some people, asking for help. Some people were saying, “Clean the air”. Presumably, this is maybe why I stopped smelling it during the flight. 

I still wonder if what I smelled was from the 3D reality, or purely from the spirit world, and only I was able to detect it. I tend to believe the latter, since no one else around me seemed to react to the smell. I speculate that perhaps the girl beside me could of had a spirit attachment with her that caused such a disgusting oder. If this is the case, let this be a cautionary tale to never get involved in risky behaviour in relation to the spirit world, which includes going to bad mediums and playing with Ouija boards.. 

©2018 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

I recently read somewhere that the way a spirit smells will tell you what kind of spirit you are dealing with. Good spirits emit a heavenly fragrance, like sweet perfume, or roses. Bad spirits smell deathly, like rotting or burning flesh. I heard that somewhere in the accounts of Swedenborg, he observed that evil spirits smelled sulphurous, like rotten eggs. Although smells from the other side is not a constant and doesn’t happen all the time, it is certainly a good indicator. If something smells awful during spirit communication, you need to shut it down. It is also logical, because why would an angel smell horrible? Or vice versa? There is not much of a middle ground in the way of being in the afterworld. You cannot be a good disembodied spirit and tell lies.

Scent is the most mysterious of the senses. Invisible, it cannot be completely contained. In my mid twenties, I had a keen interest in aromatherapy and natural perfumery. I collected essential oils and concocted my own olfactory compositions. 

One day, during a bout of bad entity attacks, I was searching through my bottles for sage essential oil. Certain smells can be used to cleanse the home of bad energy and repel negative entities. I was in the basement searching, squinting my eyes trying to read the labels. P told me it was upstairs. I went into my room, and found it in a box beside my bed. I opened the bottle and allowed the smell to come out. I saw P’s orb dancing around the bottle of sage. He said that it was refreshing. He said he also noticed the aromatherapy books on my bookshelf. 

Prince smells like lavender. Sometimes, I might wake up and smell him lingering about. I’ve had dreams where I could smell. One time in a dream, he sent me a box of perfume that smelled of sweet patchouli, bergamot, and clove. 

Perhaps smell is something that can easily linger between both the material and spirit worlds without us even knowing it. 

Note to Self: Never travel without a bottle of lavender oil in my carry- on, in case I have to breathe into it for refuge from bad smells. 

These recordings were recorded using  my EVP Wrist Recorder 3 on May 23, 2018.

Image above: “Roses” by Andrea Mai 

©2018 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.